10 Unconventional Items to Use as Cannabis Smoking Devices

10 Unconventional Items to Use as Cannabis Smoking Devices

After picking your cannabis strain, the next crucial thing is deciding which way you want to consume the herb. Many users have traditionally limited their weed consumption to only one or two delivery methods. Blunts and joints are the most conventional ways to smoke weed. Joints are ground-up weed rolled into paper, while blunts are cigars containing marijuana instead of tobacco.

But today, there are several new and exciting cannabis delivery methods. These include vape pens, edibles, dab rigs, and water pipes, among others. You can try them out if you’re tired of lighting up a blunt or joint every time you want to get high. Or if you’re using marijuana for medical reasons and want to try a new, healthier method of smoking cannabis apart from using rolling papers, you have a range of options to choose from.

The good news is that you don’t have to buy any pricey smoking devices for more adventurous sessions. We’ve rounded up a list of ten unconventional DIY cannabis smoking devices that you can use.

Let’s jump right in!

Safety Precautions 

Before we unveil the list of these unconventional yet interesting smoking devices, you should consider the following precautions.

  • Plastic bowls are a no-go zone. Never use plastic to make a bowl piece. When lit, plastic will melt and emit toxic substances not suitable for inhalation. Instead, use metal or other non-plastic bowl pieces. 
  • Avoid using rotten food. Some food items are great for making weed-smoking devices. However, you should use only hard or ripe food. If the food item is rotten, it may turn to mush and disintegrate quickly, thus ruining your smoking session. 
  • Always use sturdy materials. Generally, avoid flimsy materials. Instead, always smoke out of sturdy materials that won’t crumble and let your burning herb spread a fire onto something else.

Apple Bowl

Smoking cannabis out of an apple? You might think that it’s ridiculous. However, owing to their great taste and easy cutting, you can turn your apples into smoking devices. Crafting a DIY apple bowl is very simple. 

First, find a ripe apple. Then create a pencil-size hole from the top to the middle. This top hole serves as the bowl pack. Create another pencil-size hole in the side of the apple all the way to the center, where it should meet the preceding hole. This will serve as the mouthpiece. 

Now create a third opening on the other side of the apple. It should connect with the other two holes in the middle of the apple. 

Place your marijuana in the carved-out section of the top hole. Light it up and enjoy the fruity aroma and flavours. 

Besides apples, you can create weed smoking devices out of other sturdy fruits like:

  •   Cucumbers
  •   Potatoes
  •   Pomegranates

Soda Can Pipe

Soda Can Pipe

Some consider smoking weed out of a soda can as more juvenile than the old apple bowl trick. Of course, the apple pipe affords you a fruity, healthy treat at the end of the day. But what does a soda can offer? While the soda can might seem too unconventional, it makes a great smoking device, as it’s super easy to make. In fact, it’s the easiest to make on this list.

Bend a soda can and use a sharp object to create two holes on either side to make a pipe. Place your herb in the can’s indented area and light it up. Use the can’s mouthpiece to inhale the smoke.

Soda can aficionados suggest that you can take advantage of residual sugar and caffeine molecules on the walls of the can to enhance your smoking session. To find out whether that’s true, why not give it a try?

Flashlight Pipe

Don’t know how to roll a joint? The alternative is a DIY smoking device. Luckily for you, that weed smoking device is probably in your house right now: a flashlight. Yes, you can reverse engineer a flashlight to create a fantastic steamroller that will rival a waterless bong.

First, empty your flashlight by removing the bulb and batteries. Then carve out a hole on the underside of your emptied flashlight. Next, insert a bowl section where your cannabis will sit. Sit back, light up your steamroller, and enjoy your favourite herb

Pen Pipe

Few would have guessed that disassembling a used pen could create a simple but effective smoking device. Apart from writing your assignments, you can smoke out of a pen when you want to try something out of the norm. Yes, it certainly gets the job done. But remember only to smoke from metal and not plastic. Almost everybody can find a spare metal pointed pen lying in a drawer. This makes pen pipes one of the cheapest DIY smoking devices. Here’s how to make one:

  • First, disassemble the pen and remove the ink tube. Only keep the outer tube of the pen plus the pointed bottom metal piece. 
  • Reinstall the pointed metal piece back on the empty tube, not at the bottom but at the top. It should form a conical bowl shape. 
  • The bottom of the pen will act as the mouthpiece. So, place your weed on the bowl-shaped metal piece and light it up for enjoyment. 

The good thing with using a pen pipe to smoke weed is that it affords you a level of discreetness. Because negligible amounts of the herb are burnt, the smell will disappear in no time. After you’re done, you can discard the used pen exterior.

Pen Pipe

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs, also known as water bottle bongs, are simple to make and give a pleasurable smoking session. To make this homemade bong, you need:

  • A 2-litre water bottle
  • A glass container to hold the water
  • Aluminum foil

Cut the 2-litre plastic bottle in half. Use aluminum foil to cover the mouth hole. Mould the foil into a bowl or cone shape. Also, create small holes in the foil to allow for proper airflow. Fill up the glass container with water. 

Now insert the cut plastic bottle into the glass container with the mouthpiece suspended on top of the waterline. It should fit snugly inside the container. 

Pack your cannabis on the foil. As you light up the weed, pull the cut plastic bottle upwards. You want it filled with smoke. To inhale, shove the bottle into the water-filled glass container. This will force the smoke up and into your lungs. It may be difficult or uncomfortable at first, but it’s easy once you figure it out. 

Gravity bongs provide big hits, and they’re fun to smoke with friends. Plus, they can be refilled easily.

Toilet Paper Roll Pipe

You most likely throw away your toilet paper roll once all the paper has been used up. Well, you might think twice about doing that again now that you know that toilet paper roll can be used as a smoking device. All you need is:

  • An empty toilet paper roll
  • Aluminum foil

Make a hole on one side of the cardboard roll. Ideally, make sure the hole is not in the middle but more towards either the top or bottom section of the cardboard roll. This will enable the buildup of smoke when smoking via this DIY steamroller. 

Mould the aluminum foil into a bowl shape and fit it into the new side hole in the cardboard roll. Once your weed is in this makeshift bowl, position your mouth on one end of the roll and your hand on the other. Light up your herb and inhale to fill the roll with smoke. And just like that, you’ve fashioned out a steamroller from a mundane household item.

Hot Knife

If you’re thinking of using the hot knives method, then do it when you’re sober. As you will discover, it demands some level of coordination, which often is lacking when you’re high. 

You will need two butter knives and a heat source such as a stovetop. Turn on the medium heat setting on the stove and heat the two knives until they become red hot. Place the kief on one knife and squeeze it with the other knife. Soon, the weed will heat up and emit smoke. Consequently, you can inhale the smoke and enjoy the hits this brings. 

Cucumber Pipe

Cucumber Pipe

Food-based weed-smoking apparatuses are not limited to apples. Another creative way to smoke cannabis is via a garden-variety cucumber. It’s akin to smoking a blunt or joint, but with the bonus of using a readily available vegetable to create an easy, portable smoke pipe. Here’s how to do it:

  • Using a paring knife, slice off one end of the cucumber, which will act as the mouthpiece. 
  • Next, carve out a chamber by pushing a chopstick right through it, stopping at the middle of the cucumber. 
  • Now, slide the chopstick in and out of the cucumber while twisting it. This is to enlarge the chamber a bit. 
  • Next, create a bowl. To do this, put the fruit horizontally on a tabletop and carefully poke a hole into the center of the cucumber. Make sure the hole meets with the chamber you previously created.

That’s it. You have your cucumber pipe ready. Now pack your bud into the bowl-shaped opening you just created. Light up and draw in the smoke through the mouthpiece. 

Starburst Pipe

Yes, candy might not be good for your dental health. So, why not convert sweets into a high-quality herb pipe? Honestly, it’s a messy and sticky process, but it may be worth it and proves that you can smoke cannabis out of anything. Follow these steps to make a starburst pipe:

  • Buy a bundle of Starburst and unpack all the individual pieces. Now stack them all up lengthwise, apart from two pieces. 
  • Shove a skewer through the stacked Starburst. Apart from fortifying the stacked structure, this also carves out an air opening. Shove it right through to the other side to forge a rush opening at the end. 
  • Create a little bowl piece at one end of the starburst structure using the two leftover Starburst pieces. To ensure the entire structure is rigid and won’t collapse, place it in a microwave for at least ten seconds. 
  • Create an opening through the bowl piece connected to the pipe chamber that you initially carved out by the skewer. Thanks to the Starbursts’ waxiness, they are incredibly easy to mould. 
  • Now place your favourite herb on the bowl piece and spark up. The sweet taste of the candy will lend some tasty flavours to your weed

Pumpkin Bong

Pumpkin bongs function similarly to any other bong. Simply light up the cannabis on one end, draw in the air on the other end, and there you have it. A cloud of smoke fills the air to get you stoned. 

Besides your choice of cannabis strain, you have to decide on the size of the pumpkin. If you’re looking for more potent psychoactive effects, get a large-sized pumpkin. Likewise, get a small pumpkin if you desire milder effects. 

Here are the precise steps for how to make a bong. Get a pumpkin and peel off the skin walls where the bowl and mouthpiece will go. Poke a small opening on one side of the fruit. Carve it out nicely to resemble a bowl-like shape. This will be your bowl piece.

Turn to the other side of the pumpkin and create another circular hole. This will act as the mouthpiece.

Place your favourite strain on the bowl piece. Light it up and delight in your pumpkin-flavoured weed. 

Pumpkin Bong

The Bottom Line

Many cannabis consumers are used to the classic methods of consuming weed. However, there’s no harm in always thinking outside the box. This means trying out new weed-smoking apparatuses.

You can make use of almost anything in your household to smoke weed. From a tissue paper roll to different types of fruits and vegetables, you have various exciting and accessible options to choose from. 

Whether you’re trying to get baked from a pumpkin bong or something more discreet and portable like a pen pipe, these unusual weed-smoking devices are sure to amaze your group of cannabis-smoking friends. You can pass the knowledge around to your family and friends so that everyone can enjoy an easy hit.

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