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Best Bulk and Wholesale Cannabis Dispensary in Canada

Cheap Bud Canada Is Canada’s top online dispensary providing the best marijuana at cheap wholesale prices. We serve wholesale to all major cities, provinces and and territories.

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Our top-shelf weed is always passed by our own quality control AAAA team to ensure all of our flowers have amazing taste, strong THC potency, alluring aroma – all at affordable prices.

After completing your order we provide all of our customers with Canada Post’s fastest shipping option via Expresspost. Expresspost has a guaranteed delivery time of 2 and 3 days between major centres in Canada. This option can also be upgraded to Priority post which allows you to receive your THC marijuana products in 1 business day for all major cities eligible within Canada.


Measurements for Online Bulk Weed

If you are new to the online cannabis dispensary scene and are looking to make your first bulk weed order, we recommend you to educate yourself first. Understanding the different types, varieties, and harvests sold is extremely important. Keep in mind prices of cannabis flowers in this industry always fluctuate. This is because of supply, demand, quality, and the ability of an online weed dispensary to source their products.

The weights listed below are commonly used in Canada when purchasing online bulk weed.


How much is 1 gram of marijuana?

One gram of weed is generally sold anywhere from $10-$20. Because of the low quantity, it costs more. Generally, most online dispensaries don’t offer that option and therefore wouldn’t qualify as a bulk order.


How much is an eighth of weed?

An eighth of weed is 3.5 grams. This is usually sold between $25-$40 depending on quality. The word “Eighth” is referred to an ounce of weed which is 28 grams. It’s called an “eighth” because 3.5 grams mathematically broken down, equals to an 1/8  of a full ounce. This option is still quite small in terms of bulk weed online. Because of this, it is not offered as a purchasable amount at many online bulk dispensaries.

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