Everything You Need to Know About CBD Tinctures

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Tinctures

When it comes to CBD tinctures and CBD oils, the biggest difference is in the ingredients. If you want to add CBD to your wellness routine, then you might have thought about using CBD tinctures. Maybe you have talked to your doctor about using these ingredients and have gotten a recommendation. But you might be wondering what a CBD tincture is and how it differs from CBD oil. 

The answers to these and other questions are found in the list of the ingredients. When you use CBD oil, you are getting only CBD. When you have an edible, you are ingesting your flavoured CBD with some calories added in. But when you use a tincture, you are having an extremely potent formulation of CBD. It is mixed with a carrier oil, such as hemp oil. This extra ingredient works with your body better and might help you absorb the CBD better. 

CBD Oils vs. CBD Tinctures

CBD is a cannabinoid that you can find in the hemp plant, and it is not psychoactive. Unlike with the THC that you can find in marijuana, CBD tinctures and oils will not get you high. However, some people use CBD because they believe these products have potential wellness benefits. 

Many times, companies will extract their CBD products from industrial hemp plants. The plants have a very high level of CBD and not much THC in them. That way, you can be sure that you are getting the product that will give you the desired effects without the side effects. 

The biggest difference between CBD tinctures and oils is the ingredients that each one has in them. When you use a CBD tincture, you are using a carrier oil with CBD in it. That can maximize the effects of the CBD. The carrier oil might be honey, olive oil, or even hemp oil. Some companies also add extra terpenes to the tincture to allow the body to absorb it better. Usually, CBD oil is a pure CBD extract that does not have anything added to it. 

Making CBD Tinctures

Making CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are made differently than CBD edibles or oils are. Some companies use CO2 supercritical extraction to get the CBD out of the plant. Then, the hemp flower can be steeped in alcohol under low heat for a while. That way, the active cannabinoids in the plant, such as CBG and CBD, can become infused into the alcohol. 

Then, the alcohol can be boiled off. The end result is that the tincture is very potent and concentrated. It can be combined with honey to create a tincture. These tinctures are often called full spectrum because they have a unique combination of ingredients. Full-spectrum products contain other cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBG, or trace amounts of THC.

Often, tinctures have a full spectrum of ingredients because the extraction process and steeping process are different. When the CBD is extracted, it is isolated from the other components of the hemp plant. But when the tincture is made, the other cannabinoids are also left in to make the final product more potent. 

Because of how potent the products are, many users choose tinctures for trying to relieve anxiety, chronic pain, and stress. They want to get a calming and soothing experience by just using a couple of drops. A little bit can go a long way when it comes to tinctures. If you want to make the experience a little better, try adding a bit of honey. 

Making Tinctures Taste Better

You will take a tincture orally, so you want it to taste delicious. You just need to put a bit under your tongue to get in your daily dosage. This is why people like to add honey or another sweetener to it. It makes the tincture go down easier, so the user can get on with their day. 

Some companies put MCT, or coconut oil, in their tinctures. That can produce a unique formula that will allow the body to absorb it better. Plus, coconut oil is a good source of fatty acids. The body can absorb CBD faster since CBD is fat-soluble. 

How to Use CBD Tinctures

It is easy to incorporate a tincture into your daily routine. At the start of your day, you can put a few drops on your tongue. That might make it easier for you to take on the challenges of the day. Depending on your health, you might also take a few drops before you go to bed to help you fall asleep and relax more. No matter how you use it, a tincture is a good way to get in your daily dose of CBD. 

Some people also like to use CBD tinctures during cooking, and you can add them to almost any recipe you are making. Because of how potent they are and the fact that there is a full spectrum of ingredients in them, you can add them to a cup of coffee in the morning. Some people also like to add a bit to their dinner to try to reduce the effects of a stressful day. 

Using the tincture is similar to using CBD oil. First, you will determine the ideal dosage, and then you can place the right amount under your tongue and hold it for around a minute. Adding it to your meal is a great way to make the taste a bit better. 

If there are a lot of terpenes in the CBD tincture, you can find some creative ways to work it into your meals or beverages. The terpenes can produce some unique flavours in it. Remember to be careful of heat, however, since a higher temperature might make it more likely that your CBD will break down. 

Interactions with Other Medications

Interactions with Other Medications 

Before you decide to use a CBD tincture, you should consult with your doctor first. There are few to no side effects from CBD. However, it might interact with some medications that you are taking. Your doctor can help you decide if a CBD tincture is right for you.

CBD can inhibit the cytochrome P450 enzyme system. This can cause some kinds of medications to get processed more slowly and stay in your body for a longer time. That can increase the chances that you might experience side effects from these medications. Remember to look at any potential risks and talk to your doctor about possible medication reactions before you decide to use CBD tinctures.

Dosing Your CBD Tincture 

It is easy to control the dosage when you use tinctures. It can be hard to get a consistent dose, but this is one of the easiest formats for decreasing or increasing the dosage to meet your needs. For instance, if you are trying to reduce symptoms of anxiety, then you can use the dropper to measure out a bit more when your stress and anxiety levels are high. The same thing is true of chronic pain that might get worse at certain parts of your day or start to flare up. 

If this is your first time using a CBD tincture, you might want to go with a lower dosage and look for a lower concentration. You might find that some tinctures are more expensive, but these likely have more CBD in them. They can also have a higher bioavailability, which means your body can most likely absorb more of the CBD than with other products. So, you will not need to use quite as much each time.

If you find that the tincture is not giving you the desired effects, you can increase the dose. Keep track of how much you take each time and how it makes you feel both mentally and physically. That way, you can determine the best amount to get the results that you are looking for.

Dosing Your CBD Tincture

Using Micro-doses

With a micro-dose, you are taking small doses that can prepare your endocannabinoid system to regularly have cannabinoids placed in it. Your ECS has the CB2 and the CB1 receptors, which can interact with the cannabinoids you take in a dose. 

As CBD enters your body, it can impact these two receptors differently. When you have CBD in your body, it can store extra CBD in your fat cells. That way, it may act on the precursors for inflammation and pain. 

If you are using tinctures for the first time, you may want to go with a micro-dose to see the way that your body responds. Then, you can move up to a bigger dose. With micro-dosing, you will take the same dosage for the same number of times each day. You might do this for several weeks or a month.

It is easy to get started with micro-dosing if you have a tincture. This is a fast method of feeling the potential advantages of cannabinoids. Taking it sublingually is a fast method of delivery. Tinctures are discreet and let you take them with you during your day. 

That is helpful if you have a busy life and want to have potential relief on the go. Tinctures work on your entire body and can be used for many needs, such as managing acute pain.

You might feel the effects of a micro-dose within around 15 minutes. Once you know how the dose affects you, you can then experiment and customize your micro-dose by changing how much you take or when you take it. Tinctures are easy to personalize and are good for those who want to try using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

To do try micro-dosing, you might measure out around 0.25 millilitres to begin with. That could be around nine to 10 drops, or a quarter of a dropper. Then, you can place it under your tongue for around 60 seconds. The last step is to wait around 15 minutes to 30 minutes and pay attention to your body. This is important. 

You want to have a noticeable but diminished experience. One of the potential advantages of micro-dosing with CBD is that you might have improved sleep and stress reduction. You can easily put it in a morning glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee.

Choosing the Right CBD Tincture

Choosing the Right CBD Tincture

When it comes to choosing a tincture, you want to find a company that you can trust. Consider whether you can find certificates that show the product has been analyzed. These reports will give you information on the purity and potency of each batch of products. These certificates need to come from third-party labs, so you can be sure that you are getting accurate results. However, make sure that these reports are six months old or younger, so you will get accurate results. 

Look at the philosophy and growing practices of the brand. That way, you can decide if the company’s methods align with your values. You can look at the reviews of the company to get a more detailed analysis of them. 

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

You will also want to decide if you want a full-spectrum or a CBD isolate tincture. Your decision will depend on the legal status of the oil in your area. Consider whether you want to have THC in the product. There may be small amounts of THC in your product if it is full-spectrum. 

If you have to undergo routine drug screenings, you might want to stay safe by going with only isolate products. However, some medical CBD users choose to go with full-spectrum products because they want the terpenes and other cannabinoids that come with them.

Closing Thoughts

You can use CBD tinctures in many ways. They offer an easy way for you to get in a daily dose of CBD. But at the end of the day, you want to look for a CBD brand that has practices and values that you trust. Look for a tincture that has the ingredients and potency that can deliver the effects that you are looking for.

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