How Long Does a Marijuana High Last

How Long Does a Marijuana High Last?

If you use cannabis, then you might be wondering how long a high may last. If you are new to using marijuana, you will likely want to know the answer to this question so you can prepare. Maybe you want to get high for the first time. If that is the case, then you will want to take at least six hours for doing so. Make sure that you will not be disturbed or need to get things done during this time. Some users like to take a day off, especially in the beginning. That way, you will not have any other obligations for that time.

Factors That Influence Your High

You might have heard about the effects of drugs on your brain and how they can affect you for a long time. The truth is that the longest high will likely be six hours or less. However, there are several factors that can influence this time. 

Some users believe that they also experience afterglows once the initial high is wearing off. This is remaining feelings from the high for longer than six hours. That could be related to the way users’ bodies process cannabis. However, it could also be that they are mentally adjusting to how the plant makes them feel.

Type of Consumption

The method that you choose for taking your herb is one of the main ways that will determine how long you will be high. If you eat cannabis, you will need to wait for it to pass through your digestive system and enter your bloodstream slowly. That can take an hour or longer. But that also means you can be high longer. If you like this method, you can make your own edibles.

On the other hand, vaping or smoking causes the THC to enter your lungs, where it is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. This type of high will not last as long. 

Quality and Quantity of the Product

Quality and Quantity of the Product

Of course, the more cannabis you take, the longer you will be high. It takes your body longer to process cannabis when there is more of it. The quality also plays a role. If you are just inhaling a bit from your joint, you will not ingest as many cannabinoids as if you were eating or vaporizing it. Smoking is often not the best method if you want to use all of the cannabinoids you are consuming. 

Terpenes and the Strain Being Used

You can choose from many strains. Each has a unique combination of terpenes and attributes. Plus, each strain can cause a range of effects for different users. Depending on the strain, you may experience a shorter or longer high.

The terpenes are what gives marijuana its unique smell and taste. Because of these, you can now find strains of cannabis that smell like lemon, flowers, or other compounds. The terpenes are essential oils in the glands that you can find other cannabinoids in. Other plants have terpenes in them, too, including many of the same terpenes you can find in marijuana plants.

However, the terpenes do not only give a great flavour to the flower. They also give each strain its unique feeling. You might have two plants that have the same cannabinoids and very different terpenes. Because of the terpenes, you would get different experiences from each. 

Your Surroundings and Environment 

If you are taking your cannabis in an unfamiliar environment, you may notice that the effects are exaggerated. When you are not familiar with your surroundings, you may have more feelings of intensity that can translate into a longer high.

Your Personal Metabolism and Tolerance 

Your body will metabolize substances differently than someone else’s. If your body does not process the chemicals quickly, you may have a longer high than someone else. If you want to extend the effects, then it is a good idea to stay hydrated. 

Newer users might notice that a high lasts longer when they first try cannabis. Your body may be able to adapt and tolerate cannabis, which affects the psycho-activeness. Once you have been using marijuana for a while, you may not feel high after a while, even though the cannabinoids are still in your body. 

On the other hand, it is important to be mindful. If you are thinking about your high and consider how it is affecting you, then you may notice it for longer. Some other factors that may play a role can include your weight, age, general health, and height. If you use cannabis with alcohol, you may notice the effects more, as well. Even your personal expectations may play a role.

Length of a High

Length of a High

The actual high likely will be around two to three hours if you choose to smoke your weed. It probably will last around six hours if you ate your weed. You can use the highness equation to give yourself a good estimate. 

Delivery Method x [(dose x concentration) / (metabolism x tolerance)] = Length of High

Everyone has different body chemistry. It is a good idea to learn more about your endocannabinoid system (ECS). That will help you see how well you react to marijuana. The only way for you to determine how long you will be high is by experimenting for yourself. Make sure that you do it in a safe environment where you will not need to operate equipment or drive. That way, you can stay safe and get the most out of your experience. 

Closing Thoughts 

Knowing how long your high will likely last and the way that it might affect you can help you use cannabis more responsibly and have a great experience. That is true whether you are using it for the first time or even attending a live event with cannabis. Once you know how the herb will affect you, then you can even use it in your downtime and avoid interfering with your responsibilities. 

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