How to Cover Up the Smell of Marijuana

How to Cover Up the Smell of Marijuana

Often, the smell of cannabis and weed is unmistakable and very strong. Many cannabis users like it, but they often try to hide it. While it is legal in Canada, there are other reasons for wanting to hide the smell. For instance, they might not want to attract too much attention or bother other people. But the smell is so iconic, it is often hard to figure out how to hide it. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to cover up the smell.

Go Outside

It may seem obvious to you, but if you want to avoid the instantly recognizable smell, this is one of the best ways to hide it. Whether it is a yard, terrace, or a balcony, try to enjoy your cannabis there.

Or you can take a walk while you smoke. This will prevent odours from building up in your home and give you a reason to get some exercise and fresh air outside. It can often make your smoking experience more enjoyable. 

Ventilate it

In stagnant areas with little airflow, the smell of cannabis is more noticeable. If you have live plants or are smoking, you will need to have enough air in the area. If you are growing, try investing in some ventilation equipment. Or you can open two windows or doors to make natural airflow. You can also turn on a fan.

Cover Up the Cannabis

You can try to cover up your plants or buds to minimize the smell, as well. That will keep the smell in a smaller area and help prevent the air from becoming contaminated. If you are growing plants, try to put them in a confined area. That might be a broom closet or a storage room. If you have people come over and don’t want to attract too much attention, cover your plants with some plastic.

Storing your cannabis properly will preserve its aroma and flavour. That will also prevent any mould growth from excessive humidity. Luckily, proper storage will also prevent any bad smells from entering the air.

Cover Up the Cannabis

Look for Smoke Filters 

Because marijuana is now legal and people’s attitudes are changing, there is new equipment and technology designed to help you maximize your cannabis experience. For instance, you can now find smoke filters that will help you minimize the smell from joints, bongs, or blunts.

You can find them in many colours, sizes, and shapes. But they will all work about the same way. You will take a hit from your joint or bong and exhale into this device. It has a carbon filter and may cover the scent with another flavour.

It is not hard to make your own smoke filter, which is called a sploff. You will just need the cardboard center from a roll of toilet paper, an elastic band, and a dryer sheet. Fold your dryer sheet a few times and put it over the end of the empty roll. That will act as the filter. Use the elastic band to secure it in place. You can then exhale into the uncovered end and let the dryer sheet filter out the smoke.

Look for a Room Deodorizer

You might consider an air freshener to cover up the bad smell. This is a simple way to make things smell better. Just use one after your cannabis session, and the room should smell better. 

You can also look for scented candles, incense, or essential oils. These are more natural alternatives. Look for stronger essential oils, such as lavender, citrus, or eucalyptus. They can freshen up your room and hide any lingering smells. You can also look for natural incense, such as palo santo or sandalwood. While scented candles may not work as well, they can do in a pinch. 

No matter what you choose, it is a good idea to air out your space for a few hours if you have time. That will help to remove the worst of the smell.

Make Sure You Are Clean

Sometimes, you may smell like cannabis after using it. If you want to hide the fact that you are using it, you should clean yourself up when you are done. You will want to shower and toss your clothes in the wash. Brush your teeth, as well. If you can, wash your old set of clothes right away, so they do not make the area smell any worse. If you can’t brush your teeth, try chewing gum or using mouthwash, and clean your face and hands. 

Try a Pipe

Try a Pipe 

Pipes are an alternative to joints and bongs since they do not smell as bad. If you want to hide the fact that you have been using cannabis, you will want to have a pipe on hand for emergency use. You can also look for one-hitters, which are thin pipes that have a small bowl. There is just enough room for one hit of weed. You can find many sizes and shapes, but to be extra sneaky, you can find ones that are shaped like regular cigarettes.

Use Lighter Bowls

Many times, the smoke from your bowl is stronger than what you get through the mouthpiece. If you pack just enough for your hit, you can reduce the amount of smoke that is coming through your bowl. 

Try Vaporizing

If you want to really minimize the smell of your cannabis, look for a vaporizer. That will help you produce less of a smell and get the most out of your cannabis. This is because the weed is not combusted with a vaporizer. It will only heat it to the perfect temperature to get the cannabinoids out and avoid burning them. The vapour is not as potent as with bongs or joints.

Closing Thoughts

No matter what your reasons are for hiding the smell of cannabis, rest assured that there are many methods of doing it. Try a combination of these methods to really hide the scent. That will help you relax when you are enjoying a hit.

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