How to Know If You’re Buying High quality Marijuana

How to Know If You’re Buying High-quality Marijuana

As with any other purchase that you make, it is natural to want to make sure that you are getting high-quality marijuana. Whether you are new to marijuana and intimidated by the experience or have been smoking for years but still struggle to find high-quality buds, the following advice can help you. 

Let Your Senses Guide You

Your senses are a valuable tool when it comes to buying quality marijuana. Of course, this works better if you buy from a brick-and-mortar dispensary than an online store, but it is still good to know. After all, you can use your senses to confirm that the marijuana you order from an online dispensary is of good quality when you receive it. 

No matter the strain of buds that you get, a high-quality flower should always have a pleasant, strong smell. That smell should be the familiar musk of marijuana. Look at the buds, which should be healthy and fresh-looking. Some of the best products will even have varying colors, but that is not necessary. 

When you touch the bud, it should feel slightly spongy. Touching the buds should lead to the stems snapping without crumbling. 

By contrast, low-quality marijuana may feature brown spots, and it will not be as bright. It is also likely to smell less ripe and may feel wet or dusty. Low-quality cannabis may have no cannabis scent at all, or it may smell like something that is nowhere near cannabis. You should also avoid buds that smell similar to hay or freshly cut grass. This typically indicates poor growing, followed by improper curing and drying. 

Examine the Trichomes

If you have a magnifying glass handy, take a closer look at your buds, specifically the trichomes. High-quality cannabis should have plenty of trichomes on the buds. Remember that the trichomes are responsible for storing the cannabinoids and terpenes that deliver the psychoactive effects, medicinal effects, taste, and smell of marijuana. 

Even if you do not have a magnifying glass, you may be able to see the trichomes, at least enough to get a feel for their density. The magnifying glass, however, comes in handy when you want a better look. 

The ideal buds will have milky white trichomes. If the trichomes are undeveloped, the cannabis was likely harvested too soon, so it will not be fully ripe. If the trichomes have an amber hint, then the harvest was likely a bit too late. In either case, you should stay away. The higher CBN content in marijuana harvested too late can deliver some potential benefits, but you will also get a reduced high. There is also the possibility of being super tired or queasy during your experience. 

Inspect the Trimming Quality

Inspect the Trimming Quality

The way that a bud is trimmed does not necessarily have a strong influence on the quality or your experience when smoking it. Still, it does show you how much attention to detail and care the dispensary puts into its products. A well-trimmed bud indicates a higher level of care and typically points to a quality flower. 

Look at the Harvest Date 

If you can, try to pay attention to the date of harvest for your chosen marijuana. It will likely be printed on the packaging material. Keep in mind that marijuana tends to lose most of its terpenes within about six months after harvesting. As such, the fresher the cannabis is, the better. 

Consider the Packaging 

Don’t forget to pay attention to the packaging of the marijuana, as well. This not only tells you about the amount of effort that the dispensary puts into the marijuana, but it can also affect how well it lasts. Plastic bags are convenient, but they typically destroy the trichomes along the plant’s outer surface. It is better to opt for marijuana sold, or at least stored, in glass jars

A Balanced Profile

Although everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to marijuana, you will generally want to look for a flower with more than just high THC content, unless that is your goal. While the THC content may be a significant factor in your choice of flower, it should not be the be-all-end-all. Remember that extremely high THC content increases your chances of having a bad high. 

Buds, Stems, and Seeds

Another thing to look at once you are holding your marijuana is how much of it is buds or flowers and how much is seeds and stems. While you should expect at least a small quantity of stems and seeds in any marijuana you buy, the ratio of those compared to the buds themselves will typically be significantly lower in a higher quality product. After all, you are paying to get the buds, not the stems and seeds that you cannot smoke. 

Buds Stems and Seeds

Rely on the Shelf System

If you choose to buy your marijuana in a brick-and-mortar dispensary, you can typically tell which buds are the best based on where they are placed. Typically, the highest quality buds will be on the top shelves. Of course, this is not always a guarantee as every dispensary is different, and it only works for brick-and-mortar dispensaries. 

Know the Company

No matter where you buy your marijuana, you should always take the time to do some quick research on the company. If you buy from a brand with a strong reputation, then you are much more likely to get a high-quality product. After all, they built up that strong reputation somehow. 

This is as simple as taking a few minutes to search for the company name and check reviews online. As you read the reviews, see how the company responds to complaints and people who receive lower quality buds. If the company has a guarantee of some sort and follows through on it, it should be a good option. If the seller has a guarantee but never follows it, stay away. 

Taking the time to make sure you buy from a reputable seller is among the most effective ways of ensuring you get high-quality marijuana, but there is nothing wrong with still inspecting it. 

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