How to Make THCA Diamonds

How to Make THCA Diamonds

THCA diamonds are perhaps the newest cannabis concentrate on the market, and they are among the more obscure products you’ll find. If you haven’t heard of THCA diamonds, you’re definitely not alone. Not only has this product only been around for a couple of years, but THCA diamonds are also one of the most expensive cannabis products for sale today.

Cannabis concentrates have only been legal for sale in Canada starting October 2019 and have surged in popularity since then. These products now account for a huge percentage of Canada’s legal cannabis sales. In Ontario alone, cannabis concentrate sales revenue grew from about $43,000 in February to just under $360,000 in July.

That trend is expected to continue, especially for the more popular concentrates like dabs, hash, shatter, sauce, and resin.

One key difference between concentrates and cannabis flowers is the THC concentration in these products. Cannabis flowers, which are usually smoked, typically range in potency between 10% and 25% THC level. Many concentrates range anywhere from 50% THC concentration to 80%.

That’s also what sets THCA diamonds apart, even from other concentrates.  With concentration levels this high, it’s one of the reasons these rare products can get pricey and are not generally recommended for newcomers.

What Are THCA Diamonds

Similar to their gemstone counterparts, THCA diamonds are shiny and sparkly and will catch your eye from across the room. Ranging in size from small grains to gravel-sized rocks, these small cannabis concentrates do look quite a bit like the real thing, but what are these products?

You may not know cannabis plants don’t produce THC. They create acidic forms of more than 100 cannabinoids that can then be isolated and extracted for different uses.

The diamonds come from the acidic compound found in the cannabis plant, THCA. THCA is then converted into THC anytime it’s exposed to heat, like when you light the product when smoking.

Crystalline THCA has been around for quite some time, but oftentimes people would say it reminds them of meth. That caused some users to steer clear. In recent years, different companies have discovered ways to isolate the compounds, creating the diamond form that looks a little less like meth.

This concentrate is potent. Some THCA diamonds have shown THC concentration levels of as high as 99%. Even with THC levels that high, these products also contain some CBDA or cannabidiolic acid.

Crystalline is the strongest hash sold today, even compared to some notably potent concentrates like rosin, which can reach as high as 80% concentration. The specific acid is put through a process that causes it to crystallize, creating rock-like clumps that people liken to meth, at least from a visual standpoint.

Another interesting fact about THCA diamonds is that they typically don’t contain any terpenes, which are the compounds in cannabis plants that give products their distinct aroma and taste.

Mining THCA Diamonds

Mining THCA Diamonds

Most THCA diamonds start their lives as butane hash oil (BHO) live resin.  This form of BHO is created by pouring or “blasting” liquid butane over fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flowers tightly packed in a container with a small opening.  The butane acts as a solvent separating the trichomes containing the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter.

The resulting liquid is slightly heated to remove as much of the butane as possible.  What remains is poured into jars, sealed, and left alone for two to three weeks. After this, the diamonds will have formed on the bottom when the THCA separates from the terpenes and naturally crystallizes.

How to Use THCA Diamonds

There are many ways to use the wide array of concentrates on the market, although dabbing is the most common method. Dabbing is used with concentrates like budder, sauce, shatter, and wax. It requires a device called a dab rig.

THCA diamonds are typically ingested in the same way other concentrates are consumed.

Dabbing is the most common way to consume it, by heating the diamond to somewhere between 157 and 204 degrees Celsius.

Dabbing requires a specific type of water pipe with two key parts. The dab rig is similar to a bong tube, and the nail or banger is made of a strong material, such as titanium or glass. Even though dabbing requires several accessories and can be tricky to figure out at first, this method is becoming extremely popular.

If you’re new to dabbing, here’s a quick rundown of how dabbing works and what you will need.

The first thing you do is heat the banger until it glows red. Next, you remove the flame, allowing time for the banger to cool down, reaching somewhere between 149 and 232 degrees Celsius. This usually only takes about 10 to 15 seconds after the heat source is removed.  Once that temperature range is reached,  place the diamond on the surface of the banger and inhale slowly.

There are other options for consuming THCA diamonds. One of the more popular methods of consumption is adding it to a joint, blunt, or bowl to increase the potency of whatever you’re ingesting. But, as always, be cautious with this concentrate because THC levels do tend to be rather high.

You can also find THCA powders and drops, which can be added to edibles that don’t need to be cooked or baked. That’s because baking THCA is not recommended. After all, it’s impossible to know how much of the THCA will be converted into THC.

How Much Will You Pay For THCA Diamonds

How Much Will You Pay For THCA Diamonds?

The answers to that question vary depending on where you live, product availability, and the level of THC concentration of the product you pick.

Some brands sell for as much as $120 a gram, but other products are available for about $50 a gram. So, just like you see with other cannabis-related products, price depends on many factors, but these little gems can be affordable.

Closing Thoughts

There hasn’t been much in-depth research into THCA diamonds, and they are relatively new compared to other cannabis-related products. If you plan on using these, start slowly, don’t bake them, and maybe avoid them if you’re new to the world of cannabis. Many users say they produce a great high, but they also say to be prepared to relax big time if you consume these little things.

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