How to Smoke a Joint Properly

How to Smoke a Joint Properly: 10 Rules and Tips

While many people choose to smoke marijuana, this does not mean that everyone is familiar with how to go about smoking a joint. If you are interested in trying a joint but are overwhelmed or just want to refresh your memory on the best way to smoke your joint, then keep reading. 

Take the Time to Learn How to Roll a Joint

One of the first things to know about smoking a joint is that you will need to practice before you get the hang of rolling one, but practice makes perfect. Unless you want to always buy pre-rolled joints or ask someone else to roll it for you, go ahead and practice. 

Start with a crutch, meaning make several accordion folds in your cardboard then roll it up, so it is as thick as you want the joint to be. Fill it with your crushed cannabis. Then use your fingers to shape the joint before pinching the paper between your fingertips and rolling it. Tuck in the unglued side. You will likely want to watch someone roll a joint, either in person or in a video, before you try to do so yourself. 

Use a Crutch

Most people find it much more enjoyable to have a crutch on hand when smoking a joint. This refers to a mouthpiece that is usually glass or wood. The crutch will stop plant bits from getting into your mouth, prevent you from burning yourself, and ensure the joint stays open on the end. It can also optimize airflow and lets you smoke the joint until the end.

The Roller Chooses Who Starts

Assuming that you are smoking a joint in a social setting, one key part of the etiquette is that whoever rolls the joint gets to choose who gets the first puff. Most of the time, the person who rolls the joint will be the first to smoke it. They can, however, offer someone else the first puff. 

The Roller Chooses Who Starts

Let Everyone Know What’s in the Joint

Everyone who you share a joint with deserves to know what is inside it. This means that if you added kief or some hash oil to enhance the effects of the joint, you need to let everyone know about it before you start passing the joint. 

Similarly, let people know if you include tobacco, including using a spliff or blunt instead of a joint. If you plan to include tobacco in the joint, make sure everyone knows beforehand and agrees. It is common for cannabis smokers not to like tobacco, just like it is common for them to like it. You should not typically bring any tobacco to a joint smoking gathering unless it has been discussed beforehand with everyone involved. 

Two Puffs or More – Based on Locale

Make sure that you know what the etiquette is for sharing the joint where you are. In Canada and the United States, the rule is “puff, puff, pass.” In other words, you get two puffs and then pass it on to whoever is next. Some places, including parts of Europe, however, encourage you to smoke the joint continuously for a bit without getting overly greedy. 

A key point here is that you should not hang onto the joint for an excessive amount of time. Try not to get too wrapped up in a story that you forget you are holding it. This is not sharing behavior and can lead to wasting some of the weed as it burns forgotten in your hand. 

Pass Left

In the past, the rule was always to pass the joint to the left when your turn is done. This rule tends to be less strict today, but it is still better to be safe than sorry. The idea of passing left comes from the Rastafarian tradition that you pass the joint left when there is peace and right when there is war. As a bonus, by following a passing structure, smokers are less likely to get confused about passing later once they start to feel the high. 

Do Not Be Rude or Gross

When sharing joints, you need to keep basic cleanliness in mind. This means that you should not wet the joint using your saliva, and you should not blow smoke into someone else’s face. Save wetting the joint with saliva for those times that you smoke alone. It is not only gross, but it can also encourage the joint to fall apart. Take it a step further and be nice enough to wipe the mouthpiece off before you pass the joint. 

In terms of blowing smoke into someone’s face, most people will agree that it is rude, gross, and pointless. 

Do Not Be Rude or Gross

Let Others Know If You Are Sick

Given that smoking joints is usually a shared experience, it is common courtesy to let the others know if you are sick. This shows your respect for them and lets them avoid getting sick from sharing. If you are sick, you should ideally bring your own joint or mouthpiece and just enjoy the atmosphere. Most people do not want to share a joint with someone who is sick. 

Be Respectful 

You will likely lose some element of control when you are smoking a joint; after all, the point of cannabis for most is to get high. That does not, however, give you an excuse to disrespect the space. You should always be respectful of wherever you are, whether that is at someone’s house or a park. Do not trash the place and follow the house rules. 

Avoid Peer Pressure

Respect everyone who is participating in the social gathering, whether or not they are smoking the joint. There is no time or place for peer pressure, especially when smoking. If someone does not want to smoke but still wants to spend time with you and your friends, respect that. Just like you do not want to be judged for smoking, they should not be judged for not smoking. 

With the above advice in mind, you are ready for a relaxing time smoking a joint. 

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