How to Smoke Weed in Public Without Anyone Noticing

How to Smoke Weed in Public Without Anyone Noticing

In general, smoking cannabis in public is not the smartest idea, but you might not have any choice in some cases. There might not always be a place where you can have some uninterrupted time enjoying a joint. If you do it in public, you do not want to draw too much attention to yourself, whether or not it is legal. Luckily, it is not that hard to get a bit of private smoking time in. 

Why You Might Want to Smoke Discreetly

Not everyone likes cannabis as much as you do, and they might even think of smoking differently than you do. Some have misconceptions about marijuana or are biased against it. Other people might think that hanging out with friends and smoking weed makes you a poor influence on their kids. And many people do not like the potent smell of cannabis. 

Unless you are in a crowd of like-minded people, it can be risky to smoke in public. If your goal is to keep it a secret, the logistics can be difficult. Luckily, with a few simple tricks, you can reduce your chances of anyone seeing what you are up to. 

Using a Vape Pen

You could use edibles if your only desire is to get high. But they might not be for everyone as they do not take effect very quickly. And some people just want to be able to inhale to take a hit. A vape pen is a perfect option if you are out and want to be discreet. Often, the hash oil used in vape pens makes this a more discreet option since the smell it produces is not as pungent as the smell when smoking a joint. 

The exception is when you use a dab rig to smoke. Usually, the vapour will dissipate faster than smoke from a joint. Today, many people are into vaping, so you might not stick out as much. They might not pay attention to exactly what it is you are vaping. 

Using a Vape Pen

Finding a Bunch of Cigarette Smokers 

Unless you are using a particularly pungent strain, a great way to hide the fact that you are using weed is to do it with some cigarette smokers. Normally, the smoke from cigarettes is very strong, which can hide your cannabis smell well. If you are in public, look for restaurants or bars where people often congregate to smoke. Even if the crowd is small, you can still hide the scent of weed well. 

Avoid Smoking in the Car

There are a few reasons that it is not a good idea to light up in your car. First, it is one of the most obvious places for the police to look if they are around. Even if it is legal in your area, some cops may be overzealous. 

The other issue with smoking in the car is that the smell might be absorbed by the fabric in your ceiling, rug, and seats if they are made of fabric. It is nearly impossible to completely get the scent out. If you regularly smoke a joint in the car, you might have the smell forever. 

Keep the Air Clear

Many times, it is not smoking that brings unwanted attention. Cannabis does have a distinct odour, and that is often what can give away the fact that someone is smoking. Plus, the smell can linger once you are through smoking, and that will not help you to stay discreet. 

If the area is enclosed, consider using a ventilator fan. It can take the smell out of the area quickly, and if you get one with a carbon filter, you can also filter the air. 

You might also look for other methods of getting that lingering odour out of the air. For instance, some people like to use gel to try to clean the air. Of course, these are still not as effective methods as using vents with filters. 

If you do not have anything else with you, you can try scented air fresheners. You won’t get too much from them, but they can be better than nothing. And remember that if you use too much air freshener, it might be enough to prompt someone to investigate what is causing that smell. 

Step Away From Others 

It can be smart to look for a quiet place to start smoking. If you are unseen and no one can smell what you are up to, this is the right way to keep yourself hidden. Just do not let this privacy make you careless. Even if you are in a secluded part of a park, you do not know who might show up unexpectedly. Keep an eye out as you are enjoying your cannabis

Step Away From Others

Using a Cup to Conceal Your Blunt 

If you were only holding a cup, it might look more innocent than if you were holding a blunt or a joint. Holding a coffee cup would not attract any unwanted attention. You will first need a straw and a cup. Slide the blunt into the straw’s bottom and put it in the cup with the lid on. Then you can sip through the straw to take a hit. It will still not hide the smell, but it can help you to be more discreet when using cannabis in public. 

Staying Clean

Cannabis smoke can linger in your furniture, car, or carpets. It can be much worse if it is in your hair and clothing. Whether it’s your employer, parents, or another person, marijuana smoke in your clothing and hair can be detected almost immediately. To reduce your risk of getting exposed, consider changing your clothing, washing your hair, and showering before going to work and attending important engagements. 

Closing Thoughts

While smoking cannabis in public might not be the ideal situation, it might be your only option in some situations. However, by following a few tips, you can reduce your chances of letting the entire world know what you are up to.

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