Magic Mushrooms First timers Guide

Magic Mushrooms: A First-timer’s Guide

The first impression, experience, is everything. How you get to learn something that predominantly affects your perception of it in the future. Everyone in the weed community is talking about magic mushrooms. They say the mushrooms produce a hallucinogenic recreational delight like no other drug. 

The right approach will lead you through a journey of self-exploration and euphoria. It will turn you into a giggling mess, and your belly will ache from laughter. But the wrong approach will have you hallucinating, paranoid, nauseous, and dizzy. Information on what the mushrooms are and how to determine your dose will ensure your experience is good. 

The common term used for the ‘high’ feeling you get from magic mushrooms is ‘trip.’ People refer to it as going on a trip. Perhaps, the name is due to the shroom’s psychedelic effect that alters your mind and gets you into another ‘world,’ away from reality. Some other terms used to refer to the shrooms include mushies, shrooms, golden tops, or blue meanies. 

Magic Mushroom Use in Canada

Many people who are seeking a new spiritual experience turn to these special shrooms. However, many people do not know about them and think that magic mushrooms are new in the market. The reason is that the mushrooms were previously illegal in Canada and other parts of the world. They were outlawed because they contain active ingredients, psilocybin and psilocin. These substances fall under Schedule III of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The Act prohibits their production, sale, and possession. Psilocybin and psilocin have hallucinogenic properties that alter your state of consciousness. These effects hit fast, 15 minutes to an hour after consumption, and last for up to six hours. 

After years of clinical trials, the Canadian government legalized the sale and consumption of shrooms in 2020. The reality, however, is that magic mushrooms have been around for many centuries. You may find them growing vibrantly in the wild or cultivated on a farm. People have been consuming them for a long time without any significant side effects. This realization may have led the government to its decision. 

Yet, you must be careful to identify the shrooms correctly. Mistakenly consuming the wrong mushrooms could be fatal. So, buy your magic mushrooms, or spores if you want to grow them yourself, from a legit dispensary. 

Magic Mushroom Use in Canada

Effects to Expect

After confirming the legality of shrooms, here’s what to expect from consuming magic mushrooms. The unique fungi will give you a delightful euphoric experience, though not immediately after consumption. It may take a while for any signs to manifest. During the waiting period, resist the desire to indulge in more mushrooms. Overconsumption may produce adverse effects that will turn your experimentation into a harrowing nightmare experience. 

The need for caution is exacerbated by the fact that the mushrooms do not sit well with some people. Some people have a difficult time getting over the initial effects. However, once the effects kick in, their minds forget the feelings running through your body. Therefore, when on the magic mushroom path, be patient, and know that the experience will get better with time. 

With magic mushrooms, do not expect a cloudy experience like you would have with alcohol. But most people start to laugh at the slightest provocation. You may stare at a bottle and start laughing hysterically for about five minutes. You cannot help it. It may be that the bottle reminds you of something ridiculously funny, or you find its shape quite interesting. 

Under the magic influence, you may also start to notice things you would not have seen ordinarily. The colours begin to glow, and you may notice new details like distortions you didn’t know existed. Something that would not make you break a smile will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Some people find that they develop a disconnect between what they are doing and their minds. 

We all have imagined ourselves high like a kite, laughing at the craziest, silliest things. You will love the experience. 

Prepare for the Experience

When you’re ready to delve into this psychedelic world, get yourself in the right setting. You must be in a good mood and a comfortable environment. Understand that shrooms intensify the feelings and emotions you have going on. If you are happy, you slip into euphoria, and if you’re angry, anxious, or depressed, there’s no telling what will happen. If you are not in a happy place yet, postpone taking the shrooms until you are happy and your mind positive. 

Please have in mind that the taste of the magic mushrooms does not appeal to most users. You may want to have ready something sweet to make swallowing easier. Have some candy or chocolate, and eat them together. You could also make magic mushroom edibles as they do with weed, to improve the taste. 

A familiar environment may help to make the experience more natural. A new environment may raise anxiety because you will be scared about how others are viewing you. Experienced users like to stay in a quiet environment like the beach, where they can be alone with their thoughts and be as crazy as possible when the shrooms kick in. However, for your first time, be in a place that gives you comfort. 

The home would be a great place to launch your new journey. Have a sober person, a sitter, around you to ensure you don’t encounter any danger. Ideally, the person should have knowledge and experience using shrooms. They will know what to expect. He should not indulge in the shrooms himself; his job is to keep you safe. He also makes sure that you do not make bad decisions like driving, using fire, or operating machinery. He should also ensure that you continuously hydrate when the shrooms’ effect starts wearing out. Having a sitter may also make for an excellent laughing experience as they recount how you behaved when high. Be careful; don’t let strangers sit you. 

Besides being in the right environment, you need to get yourself ready also. Getting yourself ready involves being in the right mindset and having knowledge of the effects to expect. That way, when things begin to happen, you will know the shrooms are causing it and not start to worry. If it begins as a negative experience, hold on and wait for the experience to improve. Read as much as you can about magic mushrooms. You must prepare adequately to ensure that you have the best experience possible, mostly because it’s your first attempt.

Prepare for the Experience

Get Some Food

There is a likelihood of feeling nauseated when you take shrooms, especially on the first day. Therefore, although you may want to take the shrooms as edibles, ensure that the serving is small enough for your stomach to be nearly empty. 

Also, eating when high may be difficult. So, eat a hearty nutritious meal 3 to 4 hours before your planned indulgence. The food will still be in your gut and help in absorbing the psilocybin in the mushrooms. If the food leaves the stomach, you also might not feel as queasy. 

There’s a likelihood that you will feel hungry during your experience.  You should have a light snack or some juice on standby for when the hunger pangs strike. Some herbal tea or even water is also good enough. Have them on the table next to you for easy access. Even if you’re not hungry, have a bite. It prevents starving or overeating later to compensate for staying too long without food. 

Getting the Proper Dosage

When it comes to taking in anything ‘foreign’ into your body, the rule of thumb is to go slow in the beginning. Thus, when taking magic mushrooms, opt for small doses and observe how your body reacts to them. See how long the effect lasts. Consciously examine your experience with the mushrooms. If it’s not pleasant, avoid them altogether. Some people have a severe sensitivity to psilocybin. That said, magic mushrooms are of different types and with varying psilocybin concentrations. If you have an adverse reaction to high-concentration mushrooms, try lowering your dose and quantity on your next try, and observe your body’s response. As you increase your dosage gradually, the body adjusts and begins to tolerate the shrooms well. 

Start With a Minimal Dose

The starting point for any new user is at a small dose. The typical small quantity is a quarter of a gram of the mushies. Minute as it may appear, this small dose produces an effect, though light, and is suitable for a beginner. The lights may seem more intense, and the colors brighter. Some people have dilated pupils, and others begin to suffer nausea. You may also have some hallucinations that appear as fleeting distortions around the edge of your vision. 

Start With a Minimal Dose

Graduate to a Medium Dose 

After having the small dose for a while, you may want to graduate to the medium dose. A medium dose consists of 1 to 2.5 grams of shrooms. While the weight is still low, this dose is no mean feat. Most people have nausea for some days after consuming a medium dose. Your blood pressure may also rise, and your heart starts to beat faster. Your eyes might dilate too. While these signs may raise your concern, they’re nothing to worry about. Your body will resume normal functioning as the shroom effects wear out. 

Concerning the cerebral effect, some people find that they start to arrive at a happy place with time. They may have strong visuals and dreamy images forming. Their emotions also heighten and become exaggerated. This is when you start to laugh hysterically. If you weren’t happy initially, you would not be happy when high. 

Most users report having had some self-defeating thoughts or doubting their abilities when high. Some users may even appear like they are losing their ego. But they return to their happy selves as the effects wear off. They may even say that they had an exceedingly pleasant experience. It is at this stage when emotions start getting aroused that you need a sitter whenever you take your shrooms. Have someone looking out for you to ensure that you don’t get into trouble or hurt yourself. 

Suppose you want to switch from what you’ve been using to another strain; it’s always smart, to begin with, a small dose. Do this especially when you don’t have information about the potency of the new strain. An advantage that shrooms have regarding dosage is that the small and medium doses are standard. You do not need more magic mushrooms if you weigh more or less. Psilocybin reacts with serotonin receptors, and these receptors do not increase as a person gains weight. Therefore, stick to the recommended dose and enjoy the trip. 

Magic Mushrooms’ Safety

Research is still ongoing seeing that shrooms were only recently legalized. However, so far, it has proven to be a safe drug. Its effects may be frightening at first, but know that you remain safe. While observing the dosage guidelines is the way to go, there has not been a fatal overdose case yet. The active compounds in the shrooms are safe and have not been linked to death circumstances. 

Take comfort, also in the fact that you do not go on the shroom trips permanently. Once the effects wear out, you will be back to your regular life. You cannot develop schizophrenia either. Magic mushrooms are among the safest psychedelics. However, persons who have had mental illnesses should avoid the mushies as they can worsen their conditions.

Shrooms are best consumed on their own; do not mix them with other drugs. Although some users say that adding a little cannabis lowers the nausea feelings and helps you relax, leave that to experienced users only. Kindly note that since psilocybin alters body physiology, some prescription medication you’re taking may interact with it. Therefore, speak to your doctor and understand the safety of shrooms in your condition. 

Magic Mushrooms Safety


Many people have dreamt of having a high that takes you to another ‘realm.’ If you use marijuana, you may want to have an experience outside of what you are used to. Even people who do not indulge in weed or alcohol may want to have this experience. Magic mushrooms are the ideal vehicle for this journey. Despite being highly potent, they are safe. You are guaranteed a happy experience if you follow the dosage recommendations. Start slow and increase your dosage gradually. For some quality magic mushrooms, visit our website. Also, check out our large marijuana stock. We have incredible deals and offers.

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