Marijuana Drinks Infusing Cannabis with Wine Teas and More

Marijuana Drinks: Infusing Cannabis with Wine, Teas, and More

There are many ways that you can take a daily dose of cannabis. You can vape it, smoke it, eat it, and even drink it. Learning about this aspect of cannabis is pretty fun. The market for cannabis drinks is a little bigger than you might think. In fact, one expert predicted the market in Canada alone could be worth more than $525 million per year.

About Marijuana Drinks

You might be wondering where you can get some marijuana drinks. You can find them at various locations in Canada since cannabis is legal on a federal level. They can taste like anything, depending on the strain and the kind of drink. However, a cannabis drink does not always taste like marijuana. Weed and wine are a natural combination, and they can give you some pretty potent effects depending on your strain. 

Cannabis drinks may take a while to make you feel high, just like with edibles. However, they also offer an extremely long-lasting and powerful high. When you infuse beverages like beer or wine, you may enhance the effects of both alcohol and cannabis.

You will want to be careful, especially when you are mixing cannabis and wine together. This is because you may end up with a stronger high than if you only took one or the other. If you are new to cannabis, you may want to stick with non-alcoholic beverages for now. Then, as you get used to the effects of being high, you can start to add small amounts of cannabis-infused alcoholic drinks. Plus, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning something new like cannabis. 

How Cannabis Drinks Work

Marijuana drinks work when you consume them orally, meaning they will work the same way that your edibles will. If you have not used edibles in the past, then you should be careful about having beverages that are infused with marijuana. Your high may be intense and last for several hours. Only drink a small amount at a time.

You will need to wait a while for the effects to begin after you have a cannabis beverage. It may take about half an hour to an hour and a half before you notice anything, so do not drink more right away if you don’t notice anything. The effects will likely peak around two to three hours after you have consumed it. The high could last for as long as four to 12 hours after you have finished drinking, depending on the product and the dose that you took.

After you have had a marijuana beverage, you need to wait for the THC to get digested before you notice any effects. Plus, when you have THC by mouth, your liver will convert it to 11-hydroxy-THC, which is stronger than just THC. That is why the effects last so long and are so powerful. When you are only smoking cannabis, this process will not happen.

If you have never tried a cannabis drink before, only have a very small dosage at the beginning. You only want to have around 10 milligrams of THC or less. It is often hard to determine the amount of THC that is in a homemade drink. But you can look for cannabis drink mixes that will give you a more accurate estimate.

How Cannabis Drinks Work

History of Cannabis Drinks

For many years, people have been using both alcohol and cannabis recreationally. People have enjoyed using them together for many years, as well. In fact, this combination may be a bit older than you might think. There is evidence that wine infused with cannabis has been used for meditating and religious practices for centuries. 

Today, that is still the case. You can use it to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level. Of course, it is not as formal today as it used to be. In some areas, you can get wine and weed tours. 

How Is Cannabis Wine Made?

An infusion process is used to make cannabis wine. In fact, this is about the same process you will use to make tea. First, the marijuana will be decarboxylated, so the THC can become activated, making it more potent. Heat will be used for this step. Then, the cannabis will be moved to the wine, so it can seep in slowly. There are several different kinds of marijuana wine that you may come across.

CBD Wine

Some wines specialize in adding terpenes to the wine, along with CBD. With CBD wine, you will get all of the effects of CBD, plus the fun part of wine.

Other wine is made from the hemp plant. This plant is a cousin of marijuana, and you can use it for many things. It does not have any THC in it, which means you will not have any psychoactive effects as you would with cannabis wine. 

Some people enjoy having some CBD wine. If this was made from the cannabis plant, then it may have some trace amounts of THC in it. However, the amount is small enough that you will not notice any effects. But if you have to take any drug tests, you may want to be careful about drinking this.

Some people believe that CBD offers potential health advantages and can help the user to feel more relaxed. So, you might want to have a glass of CBD wine before bed if you feel stressed or have trouble falling asleep.

THC Wine

THC Wine

This is probably what you think of when you hear about cannabis wine. THC is one of the most common psychoactive parts of the cannabis plant, and that means you can use it recreationally when you take it with wine.

Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Wine

This is what it sounds like. You may think it sounds odd to remove the alcoholic part and only add CBD or THC. However, this is often a great option for beginners since alcohol can make the effects of THC more potent. 

Sparkling Marijuana Wine

Sparkling wine is also known as champagne. Of course, this will depend on the part of the world that the wine is from. But no matter what you call it, sparkling wine will be sweet and carbonated. Of course, if you have any THC content, you will probably be thinking about that more than the bubbles that are in it.

Other Kinds of Cannabis Drinks

We’ve only looked at a few of the many kinds of cannabis drinks out there. If you do not like the idea of cannabis and alcohol, you have many other options available to you. 

Marijuana Tea

Cannabis and tea are a classic combination. You can find this from companies that specialize in making it, and you can also make your own. Plus, different flavours of tea do a great job of hiding the bitter taste of marijuana. You can look for a tincture, so you just have to place a few drops in your morning or evening cup of tea. That allows for easy dosing.

This is an easy combination. Tea is basically dry leaves and hot water. You can find almost any flavour of cannabis tea out there. For example, if you want to relax before bed, you can look for a strain that is high in CBD and mix it in a relaxing cup of chamomile or other herbal tea in the evening.

Do you have cannabis stems leftover? Try making your own cannabis tea from the leftovers. Just heat up a pot of tea with some coconut milk or another milk of your choice. Then, toss in the stems once the pot has reached a boil. Stir it well to distribute the different cannabinoids and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes. Then, strain out the stems. The stems will be naturally decarboxylated from the hot water, and that will give you a more potent cup of tea.

Marijuana Tea

Cannabis Elixirs

This might sound like a potion, but it is actually a type of herbal drink. Think of them as lattes with herbal teas. You can customize them for different dietary restrictions, such as nut-free, sugar-free, or dairy-free. Some people like to use cannabis like this because they believe it is good for their skin. You could try using it as a breakfast replacement if you are in a hurry by adding in some protein powder.

Cannabis Soda

You will not find the mainstream soda companies coming up with cannabis sodas just yet. But you can still find tasty drinks that are infused with bud. There is a diverse range of sodas out there, and you can also find fun options, such as margaritas without any alcohol in them. 

Cannabis Cold Brew or Coffee

A classic pairing is cannabis and coffee. It can be exciting because you don’t know what will happen when you mix relaxants like CBD with stimulants like coffee. You might find that it is relaxing, or it might be too stimulating. You can find both cold brew and traditional kinds of marijuana-infused coffee. Or you can try making your own with your favourite strain of weed.


If you make cannabutter, you can just add some of this to your smoothie in the morning. That way, you won’t have to ingest the plant material. You can make a fruit smoothie or get in your vegetables with this cold and refreshing treat.

CBD and Drinks

You don’t have to get a high to enjoy using cannabis products with your drinks. Look for CBD that you can put in your drinks. Some people like using CBD because they believe it may offer potential health benefits

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not psychoactive. That means it will not make you high. This makes it perfect for taking when you cannot responsibly get high, like when you have to go into work. Some people take it because they believe it may treat inflammation, reduce anxiety, or even slow down cancer growth. However, more research is still needed on its potential benefits.

CBD and Drinks

Making Your Own

Remember that the THC in cannabis will bind with fats better than other substances. That is why some people who make homemade drinks like to make cannabis butter, or cannabutter. This product lets them get the most out of their weed. To make it, you will decarboxylate your weed in your oven to activate the THC and then allow it to simmer with your butter for a while. The butter will be potent, and you can put it in smoothies and teas, as well as other drinks.

If the drink is hot, the butter will stay melted and blend in well. However, for a colder drink, such as a milkshake or smoothie, the butter may become a lump. That can negatively impact the consistency and taste of some beverages.

You might want to try making a syrup or oil that is infused with cannabis instead. You will need to decarboxylate the cannabis, as well, and allow it to bind to the syrup or oil. These products will mix into many different kinds of beverages and be a great addition for different kinds of drinks.

You could also look for a tincture. These liquids can mix well with your beverage and be the perfect thing to add to your favourite wine or soda. It also allows for easy dosing since you just have to measure out the right amount using a dropper.

Closing Thoughts

There are many different kinds of cannabis-infused drinks, and these are just a few of them. You can buy them from many companies, or you can have fun making your own. When you create your own infused drinks at home, you can experiment with pairing different strains with different kinds of drinks. Once you are a bit more experienced, you can try pairing food with your cannabis drinks. Don’t be afraid to try several things to figure out what you like the best. 

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