Marijuana Travel Guide North Americas Top Pot Spots

Marijuana Travel Guide: North America’s Top Pot Spots

As more and more people choose to use cannabis recreationally, it is becoming legal in more parts of North America, including Canada and parts of the United States. The cannabis travel industry is booming. If you want to visit one or more cannabis tourism hotspots but don’t know which ones to choose or what to do once you get there, keep reading to find out more. 


You might find that most of the dispensaries in this state are in Anchorage. However, Fairbanks is another great option for touring pot-friendly areas. There are options for marijuana-friendly accommodations, several dispensaries, and an opportunity to see the Northern Lights. You can come into the city by flying into the international airport, which is close to downtown Fairbanks.

Some hotels in this city have smoking options, which is perfect for when you want to enjoy a joint. You can go to the city during the cool season, from the middle of September to April, to try to catch the Northern Lights. The farther north you go, the more likely you are to catch the lights. And if you choose to visit Juneau or Anchorage instead, there are many other ways of enjoying the outside. There is a nearly endless range of outdoor activities near these cities, from mountain climbing and floating down a river to hiking and exploring the tundra.


Cannabis is legal throughout this state. But most of the dispensaries are in San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can fly into either of the international airports in these cities. However, you might want to look at the prices for other airports in the area. 

For instance, if you go to Los Angeles, you might save some money by flying into Long Beach instead. Or if you are going to San Francisco, you might save some dollars by flying into Oakland and then choosing public transportation to get to your final destination. 

If you are heading to Los Angeles, you might choose to stay near Hollywood. Some of the hotels around that area are planning on opening dispensaries. In many of the accommodation options, you can smoke outdoors. 

If you are going to San Francisco, you can choose from one of the many bed-and-breakfasts. With many of them, you can smoke outdoors. Some of them even allow vaping indoors in your room. This is often because vaping does not have as strong of an odour as smoking itself does. 

In the past, some music festivals in San Francisco have been allowed to sell cannabis in sectioned-off areas. Both of these cities are tourism hotspots, so you will have plenty of sites to see regardless of whether you are smoking cannabis.



There are a lot of things to see in Colorado, but if you want to explore the cannabis-related sights, Denver might be one of the best options. There are a lot of dispensaries in the city. You can enter the city through the international airport and then get to the center of the city with an airport rail line. 

There is no shortage of cannabis-friendly hotels in the city, so no matter what your travel style is, you will not have any problem finding the perfect option. There are antique “bud-and-breakfasts” and modern hotels that are specifically designed for cannabis users. The rules at each place might vary, so you will want to confirm them with each of the options before you decide to choose one. 

There is plenty to do, including enjoying the natural beauty of the city and finding other cannabis users at one of the marijuana-related classes. You can also go to fun concerts in the area. There is everything from walking tours to marijuana dinner pairings in Denver. 


To get to Massachusetts, you can fly into the international airport in Boston. From there, it is easy to take public transportation to get to the middle of the city. You can find hotels and spas that offer marijuana-friendly packages. Some of them partner with local dispensaries to offer these packages. Others offer swimming pools and saunas, so you can relax after getting high

You can take a bus to get to the middle of the city, and that allows you to see places like historic trails. You can also eat fresh seafood at one of the many restaurants in the area. 


You can enter the state through the international airport. That will put you just a few miles away from the center of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, many of the casino hotels want to keep cannabis off their land, but there are still alternatives. For instance, consider one of the cannabis-friendly apartment rentals in the area. If you want to stay on the Strip, there are still options that will let you stay close to the dispensaries. 

When you’re ready to see the sites, you can enjoy some museums that give you a hint of Las Vegas’s history. You can also go to breweries and casinos and enjoy a lot of good food



There are more than 175 dispensaries just in the city limits of Portland. This city should be at the top of your list if you are considering going to Oregon. You can enter the state by going to the international airport in Portland. Then, you can take the rail line to go right to the center of the city.

There are many cannabis hotels in the area, and some of them also highlight the culture and arts of the city. Others offer cannabis packages that come with a vape pen, grinder, and edibles. However, some of the hotels do not allow smoking in the rooms or anywhere else on the premises, so check the rules before booking your stay.

It is not legal to smoke cannabis in public areas in Oregon, but there are many marijuana cafes to choose from. Some of them are semi-private. For instance, you can walk into some of them, but others might require you to be invited first. Always do your research on the cafes you want to enter. You might choose to visit some that also offer arcade games or pool tables. 

Washington State

If you are going to this state to enjoy the thriving cannabis culture, consider going to Seattle. It boasts more than 50 dispensaries in the city limits alone. You can go to the international airport and then take a rail line to get downtown. There are many places that let you vape on the property. Some of them might require you to step several yards away from the building before lighting up, though. There are even some hotels that let you vape in your room.

Luckily, there are a lot of fun things to do in the city. For instance, if you want to have a fun and unique educational experience, you can go to a museum that highlights Olympic sculptures, pop culture, or even glassworks.

Canadian Sights 

Cannabis is legal around the country, and you can even get home delivery of marijuana products. One area to visit is British Columbia since it is very friendly for pot users. To get there, you can fly into Vancouver and then choose the rapid transit rail line that leaves straight from the airport. You can get to the downtown part of Vancouver in less than half an hour. While you are at the airport, there are smoking areas that are also friendly for marijuana users. 

The law in British Columbia allows you to vape or smoke cannabis in all the areas where you can smoke traditional tobacco. That means that most of the hotels there would be good choices for you. You can use a travel site to filter for options that meet your needs. 

For instance, some boutique hotels have patio terraces where you can enjoy a joint while watching the skyline. There are also retro hotels where you can smoke in the courtyards and even have palm trees. The city has a strong cannabis culture, and you can try going to the Pot Block to look at some of the areas designed for weed lovers. For instance, you can find cannabis cafes, where people can rent bongs or vaporizers.

Canadian Sights

Spots That You Might Want to Keep an Eye On

It can be easier to go to one of the other areas that are on this list. That is because other parts of North America might not be as easy to consume cannabis in. However, there are a few places that are worth keeping an eye on in the future. For example, in Michigan, it is legal to use cannabis recreationally, but you can’t legally purchase marijuana in the state. 

In Vermont, cannabis is legal, but you can’t use it in public places. Plus, there are not any dispensaries for recreational users now. And in Washington D.C., it is legal to recreationally use cannabis, but it is not legal to sell or buy it. These are all places that you should keep an eye on for the future, as their regulations might change.

Important Notes About Travelling with Cannabis

Remember that even though marijuana is legal in some states in the United States, it is still illegal in the country on a federal level. That means that you should take care when you decide where to go and enjoy some cannabis. 

Dealing with the TSA

Remember that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration officers are there to keep you safe, not arrest you for having cannabis. They are not law enforcement officials, and they are not looking for marijuana. If one of the employees notices your cannabis, they might just refer you to a law enforcement official. That means you might want to try to pack your cannabis discreetly, so you do not attract undesirable attention. On the other hand, you might want to wait to buy your cannabis until you arrive at your destination.


You are not allowed to enter an airport or board a plane with explosives. You want to make sure that you are extra careful to avoid raising a false alarm or a misunderstanding. Even items such as alarm clocks, liquids, lighters, or some electronics can be mistaken for potential explosives. If the TSA officers suspect you of having explosives, they would do a more careful search, and your stash would be found. Then, law enforcement might get involved. 

Packing It Carefully

Packing It Carefully

When you are travelling with marijuana, you want to make sure that your stash has discreet packaging which will avoid leaking any odours. You can get special storage containers to better conceal your stash. Or you might consider wrapping it in plastic wrap and placing it at the bottom of the luggage. It is also possible to mix the package with a scented item, such as coffee beans, to cover the smell

Edibles are another discreet way to travel with your cannabis. No matter how you package it, you should avoid putting it in your carry-on bag. It should always go in the checked luggage. 

Amount of Cannabis

You want to make sure that you have just enough cannabis for your personal use. If you have too much, it might look like you are a dealer. Consider taking less than an ounce of your favourite bud. This is also easier to place in the luggage discreetly, and if you are caught, you are less likely to get in big trouble. 

Stay Safe

If you use cannabis medicinally and have a medical card, make sure that you have it. You should also have a copy of the card with your cannabis in the check-in luggage.

Staying Calm

Sometimes, people are caught with cannabis if they become paranoid. That is why you want to stay calm. If you act guilty, then you might be suspected of hiding something. Of course, you can always plan on purchasing only what you need at your destination and finishing it before you return home.

Closing Thoughts

The cannabis experience can be elevated when you choose one or more of these top pot spots. Getting high in a new place and potentially with new friends can help you to enjoy your smoking experience all the more. Just remember to be smart when you are travelling with a stash.

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