Mistakes Youre Making While Smoking Weed

Mistakes You’re Making While Smoking Weed

Smoking marijuana can be a fun, relaxing way to spend your time. But if you are new to it, you might not have the technique down yet. There are several common mistakes you might be making, including using the wrong types of papers and not using bongs correctly.

Filling Your Joints Wrong 

At some point while smoking, you may have put too much flower bud in the paper. But that can cause the excess weight to bend the paper, dumping the marijuana out. This is the wrong technique.

Many smokers hold the paper with one hand while sprinkling the herb in with the other hand. However, this is not the ideal method. This can cause you to accidentally spill it everywhere. 

The European method is often better. With this method, you will put all of the bud in one hand in a line. This line should not be wider or longer than your paper is. Then, just put your paper upside down on your weed and use both hands to turn it over. Now, you do not need to worry about accidentally dropping your herb.

Not Using Bongs Correctly

To properly use a bong, you should fill your bowl, light it, cover your carb, and fill the chamber. Then, you should release the carb and clear the tube. When you use the bong correctly, you will get about three hacks out of it. You will also avoid the risk of coughing in the middle of it and wasting your bowl. 

Not Using Bongs Correctly

Using Flavoured or Bleached Papers

When you are thinking about things you should avoid smoking, bleach should probably be one of those things. But you might not want to use paper soaked in chemicals very often. Unfortunately, many rolling papers do have flavours in them. This might seem like a small issue, but over the long term, you might want to use unbleached papers. 

Finishing Multiple Joints at Once

This is a very common mistake among beginners. You can avoid wasting your herb by not smoking more than you need to. If you smoke the joint until it goes out and you relight it, then you have probably smoked it enough.

For example, if you roll a joint with what you believe is the perfect amount, you might realize in 15 minutes that you are already stoned. But you might only be about halfway through the joint and find it difficult to finish it. When you finish the joint, you might find that you are not higher. This is because you were already high halfway through it.

Instead, consider putting the unsmoked half in your ashtray to finish later. This can save you some money in the long run. It will also stop you from getting higher than you want to be. In fact, if you are too high, you will “waste” it by passing out.

Not Freezing Your Marijuana 

This one might seem odd to you, but it can help you maximize your herb, especially if you get through it quickly. You can put your marijuana in a covered jar and freeze it overnight. Then, you can shake the jar over a sheet of paper. You can save the kief until later.

This is essentially recycling the herb. When you freeze your marijuana, the trichomes in it also freeze, becoming very brittle. When you shake the jar, you are separating them. That way, you can make some hash. This does not make the weed any weaker, because the THC is still inside the bud.

Using a Wood Container to Store Weed

Another common mistake is using a wood box or other type of container to store marijuana. Wood is porous, and any moisture in the box will be drawn out. It is also unlikely to be airtight, which can make your bud dry out.

The best place to store your weed is in a glass jar or another airtight container. That will protect the material from drying out. Using glass allows light to enter, which can help you avoid having mouldy marijuana

But another benefit of using a glass jar and letting it “breathe” is that you are curing it even more. This can improve both the flavour and the smoothness of the weed. That will help you have a better marijuana experience.

Using a Wood Container to Store Weed

Not Inspecting All Bud

Even if you buy your marijuana from a trusted dispensary, you still need to be checking it for any contaminants. This can include anything from chemicals to moulds to extra bulk. The herb might have grown mould during any point in its life. 

Sometimes chemicals are added to prevent bugs from eating the plant. You will not get the best experience or flavour when you smoke these containments. If you find anything you do not trust in the bud, you will not want to risk smoking it.

Not Using Cigarette Tips

From time to time, you might find that you do not have an unlimited supply of marijuana. You might need to use tobacco to completely fill your joints. When you do this, you should consider using cigarette tips rather than roach cards.

To do this, you will take off just the tip of the cigarette. You will want to get the 2-millimetre section after the filter. This has a small amount of tobacco. Then, you can use your teeth to take the whole cigarette filter out. After that, you can rip it in half and put it in your joint after toasting it. Toasting it prevents too much THC from being lost.

You will find that this process is faster than using a roach. It can also give you a smooth smoking experience. Overall, this tip can make the process easier, and it will not cost you more.

Closing Thoughts 

If you are new to smoking weed, you might make a mistake, such as not checking the bud or smoking too much at a time. Following these tips will ensure you get your money’s worth from your herb and have the best experience possible.

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