Running out of cannabis sucks, especially if you’re using it for medicinal purposes. Probably you’re the kind of person who orders small quantities of the same cannabis flower strain time and again. Well, you can now make great cost savings per gram by opting for bulk orders.

At Cheap Bud Canada, we take pride in offering the option of bulk purchasing to our customers. As Canada’s premium online dispensary, you can purchase from us bulk quantities of your preferred medical cannabis flowers and shatters at the best prices.

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Why Make Bulk Orders?

Enough Weed at Your Disposal

You’ve probably experienced the unique cerebral high or body buzz from consuming cannabis. Because you’re used to buying just a little, you end up in limbo when the strain turns out so good, but you don’t have enough quantities to add to your dosage. So, you understand the pain of not having adequate cannabis flower to cater to your urgent needs.

By making bulk orders at Cheap Bud Canada, you can be sure of having enough weed at your disposal to take care of your breakfast, afternoon, or nighttime use for an extended period of time.

Great for Parties

Chances are you have a group of friends who like a good weed smoke just like you. Organizing a party will bring all your stoner friends and acquaintances together.

On such occasions, there’s no chance that your 5-ounce of Blueberry flower strain will be enough for them. The good news is you can order bulk quantities of cannabis strains from us. By doing so, you can keep the party going on as it should.

Incredible Selection

There are moments when you need a good smoking session to elevate your energy in the morning before you go to work or school. A Sativa-dominant strain like Pineapple Express or Jack Herer is your ideal option here. Other days you want a cannabis flower to help you relax after a long, stressful day. Indica-dominant strains like Bubba Kush and God’s Gift strand are your go-to options in this case.

At Cheap Bud Canada, we have a variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid flower buds for your selection. And the best part is, you can make bulk orders starting at ¼ lb.

AAAA+ Quality

The highest grade of marijuana flower strains is denoted by AAAA+. It signifies the highest quality available. This top quality accounts for several attributes ranging from a sharp, pleasant scent, with no offensive aromas, to noticeably plentiful trichomes.

Our dispensary menu offers the highest grade of your favourite cannabis flower strains. So, you can shop in bulk without having to worry about the quality of our flowers.


It’s not only the flower strains that we offer in bulk. Check out our array of shatters, and pick your preferred strain. We know that dabbing and vaping are trending at the moment. So, our insane collection of shatter is bound to deliver almost instant therapeutic and psychoactive effects.

Buy Bulk Flower and Shatter at Cheap Bud Canada

If you need more quantities of your favourite strain in your life, buying in bulk is your ideal bet. Feel free to order large quantities of marijuana flowers and shatter at Cheap Bud Canada. The minimum you can order from us is ¼ lb.