El Jefe Strain Review

Strain Review: El Jefe

Cannabis strains are becoming more potent than ever. Not that anyone is complaining about that fact, it’s opening up the market to new products and new strains of cannabis. Old school strains of cannabis with big fan bases combine to create more potent cannabis strains with interesting flavour profiles. El Jefe fits that description quite well. 

This isn’t a new strain of cannabis, but it’s climbing the charts among users for several reasons. Not only is El Jefe strong and powerful, but it also combines two interesting strains of cannabis into one. There’s also quite a bit of intrigue surrounding this strain of cannabis because it can be tough to get your hands on if you don’t know where to look. If you can track down El Jefe cannabis flowers and enjoy an intense, relaxing experience, El Jefe may be just right for you. 

El Jefe Cannabis Profile

El Jefe translates to “The Boss,” and if you try this strain of cannabis, you may understand why. El Jefe is a blend of Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1. It’s an indica-dominant strain of cannabis that seems to give people an intense experience, thanks to its high THC concentration. Its Abusive OG ancestors give El Jefe its powerful punch. Abusive OG claims to be 100% indica, which doesn’t exist. Its indica profile is what helps classify El Jefe as indica-dominant, as well. 

El Jefe also contains features from its other ancestor, Rare Dankness #1. This is also an indica-dominant strain of cannabis, known for its relaxing effects and robust and flavourful smoke. The flavour profile of El Jefe is sweet and strong due to its interesting mix of terpenes. El Jefe has four dominant terpenes, including caryophyllene, myrcene, pinene, and limonene. Terpenes are the tiny fibres found on the cannabis buds. They are responsible for giving each strain of cannabis its unique flavour profile and aroma. Each terpene adds a little something to the overall flavour profile of each cannabis bud. 

The terpenes in El Jefe give this strain an interesting flavour profile that’s both sweet and woodsy. The limonene terpene is present in many cannabis strains. It adds a sweet lemon zing that helps reign in the pungent cannabis smell when you smoke this strain. The three other terpenes in El Jefe add a hint of fresh outdoor aromas. The most fragrant terpene in El Jefe is pinene. This terpene is extremely important for cannabis buds. It serves as a protective barrier for the plant while it’s growing. Pinene will likely remind you of fresh-cut pine trees. The limonene and pinene terpenes are the most dominant in El Jefe, so you’ll probably notice the sweet citrus and pine flavours right away. 

Effects of El Jefe

Effects of El Jefe

The average cannabis strain has a 16% THC concentration, but you may notice today’s cannabis flowers are more potent now than ever. El Jefe is one of those cannabis flowers, and it’s not for first-time cannabis users. El Jefe is a powerful strain of cannabis with THC levels ranging from 22% to 25%. Users say El Jefe produces a deep, relaxing experience that’s great for chilling out at night. Users say El Jefe gives you a full-body experience but doesn’t take away your ability to focus and have conversations. Some people say the relaxing effects from El Jefe last for a couple of hours, giving you a pleasant, long experience with each use. 

People often say indica strains produce a body high and tend to have a more relaxing, mellow effect. Sativa strains are often described as energizing, and people claim they give you more of a head rush than a relaxing body experience.  Pure indica or sativa strains are nearly impossible to find, and those designations aren’t based on science. But, the majority of indica-dominant and sativa-dominant strains tend to follow these patterns. El Jefe is an indica-dominant strain of cannabis with a 70/30 split of indica to sativa, and it seems to match the designation. 

Growing El Jefe at Home

It’s relatively simple to grow El Jefe cannabis flowers both indoors and outdoors. This hearty cannabis strain has built-in protection from outside pests, mould, and many common plant diseases.  The pinene terpene puts off a pungent pine aroma, which helps ward off all types of intruders. El Jefe buds also have an extremely sticky, thick layer of trichomes. These tiny orange hair-like fibres are visible to the naked eye. Those trichomes also provide a layer of natural protection for this cannabis plant

Expect your flowers to bud around nine to 10 weeks after planting. When it is ready, El Jefe cannabis buds will be dark green with different dark green hues throughout the flower. Harvest time is around mid-October. Even in harsh conditions, El Jefe will give you a decent number of buds. In ideal conditions, El Jefe yields about one to three ounces per foot. 

El Jefe in Shatter Form

El Jefe in Shatter Form 

If you aren’t a fan of smoking cannabis or want to experience something different, you have another option to consume El Jefe. This potent strain of cannabis comes in both flower and concentrate. The El Jefe flowers are pretty intense and can have as much as 25% THC concentration. THC concentrates are known for their potency, and El Jefe does not disappoint. El Jefe shatter has an even higher THC concentration, reaching up to 29% in some shatter products. If you plan to dab El Jefe shatter, be prepared to become even more relaxed than you would be if you smoked this strain

Closing Thoughts 

El Jefe is an excellent choice for experienced cannabis users. If you’re just starting, you may want to look for a cannabis flower with a lower THC concentration and one that’s a little easier to track down. El Jefe is a potent cannabis flower, so be prepared to take it easy if you plan on trying this strain. Many users say it hits hard, but the flavour is one-of-a-kind. 

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