Gorilla Glue Strain Review

Strain Review: Gorilla Glue

When searching for marijuana products, you may have come across the Gorilla Glue strain. It is a prevalent strain, and it has a recognizable flavour and extreme potency. Many people are using it, so you might wonder if it is right for you, as well. Read on to learn about the advantages of this strain and why so many people love it. 

About Gorilla Glue

The strain comes from Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister, and Sour Dubb. It became prevalent in the 2010s, and it has not lessened in popularity since then. Both medicinal and recreational users enjoy this herb. It is a balance between sativa and indica strains, meaning it offers such effects as:

  • A mellow high.
  • Energetic feelings.
  • Making you ready to socialize.
  • A relaxing time.

It is unusual to find such an even balance, so consider Gorilla Glue if you are ready to have a good time. However, the THC content is high, so it is best to avoid using this strain when you need to get something done. Sometimes, the THC content might be as high as 28 percent. There is a low amount of CBD, but some medicinal users still enjoy this strain. 

Legal Problems

Gorilla Glue has had some legal issues since its name is the same as a glue brand. However, the name fits it well since it has many sticky resins and trichomes, and its bonding properties are vital. However, the glue brand did not like the strain’s name, and now you can find Gorilla Glue as GG.

Gorilla Glue’s Look

The plant buds are a light green colour, and there are many resins and sticky trichomes on them. There are orange hairs on the plant, and it has a sticky frost over it.

What Is the Flavour Like

What Is the Flavour Like?

Some people describe Gorilla Glue’s flavour as sour, earthy, and piney. Others call the taste mellow. Some users believe it is hard to distinguish Gorilla Glue from other strains. Still, others say it has a chocolate or coffee flavour. It is somewhat bitter, which some users love. They believe it awakens their senses, helping them enjoy the experience more.

The Strain’s Aroma

There are a little sourness and sweetness to the plant. Whether you burn the bud, it is very potent. That scent might come from the Chocolate Diesel parent strain. The aroma might be rich and chocolatey, so it is hard to use it subtly. If you need to be discrete, you might want to go with another strain or make sure you use the right precautions.

About the Effects

The strain is also named for the couchlock effects it has. Even if you have a small hit, you will notice a powerful high that makes you feel sleepy and relaxed. It might not be the best strain for new smokers, and the side effects might overwhelm you, mainly if you are not used to that high. 

A common effect is a laughter, euphoria, or joy. Then, you will notice a tranquillizing, heavy high. The strain often engages all your senses and makes you feel immobilized. But once those initial effects start to wear off, the experience can be relaxing and calming. You may have more mental energy and feel stimulated while you are relaxed. 

Because of how robust Gorilla Glue is, you might also feel hints of paranoia or anxiety. You should not have any issues if you are a more experienced user, however. Try to take it one step at a time when using this strain. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

As with other marijuana strains, the potential side effects include dry eyes and dry mouth. However, some people feel that these effects are more pronounced with Gorilla Glue than other strains. It is best to start hydrating well before using marijuana. If you have eye drops, keep them nearby to reduce the effects. 

Some users find Gorilla Glue’s high makes them feel numb, which is why those with chronic pain sometimes try it. Others might use it in an attempt to reduce symptoms of depression or insomnia. They often enjoy the fact that the high washes over their bodies nearly immediately. 

May enjoy the fact that Gorilla Glue hits hard. Still, if you have anxiety, you might notice it causes paranoia or unease. Do not be afraid to experiment with this cannabis a bit until you find the right dose. The same is true of any other strain. 

Growing the Strain

Growing the Strain

Gorilla Glue is an easy strain if you want to try growing something new. It is excellent for those who have an average level of experience. You can put the plants outdoor if there is enough warmth, but you can still grow them inside. The yield might be lower inside. 

It is critical to trim your plants often since they can proliferate and become relatively large. Plus, if you cut them often, the yield is usually higher. If you have enough room, you can ensure the cannabis is healthy and reaches its full potential. 

If you live in a cooler area, you should know the marijuana strain is sensitive to frost or rain. It is best to keep the plants away from each other, but mildew, pests, bacteria, and bugs should not be an issue. If you have had mildew or mould issues in the past, you might want to try Gorilla Glue since it is highly resilient. You can expect the plants to flower around eight to nine weeks after planting them.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to use a potent, intense strain, consider going with Gorilla Glue. There is around 20 percent THC, and it is an even balance of sativa and indica. The high is calming and energizing, producing well-balanced effects. You can find the strain nearly anywhere cannabis is available, and it is a top-shelf herb. 

Whether you want to try it for a health condition or want to have fun, the high is often rewarding. By trying it for yourself, you will not feel disappointed. 

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