THCA Diamonds

THCA Diamonds: What Are They & How Are They Made?

You may encounter the term ‘THCA diamonds’ in the corridors of the cannabis world. You might know what THCA is, but the diamond concept may be a little hard to define. THCA is the abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA). In its purest form, THCA hardens into rigid crystalline structures that people call THCA diamonds. People don’t know much about THCA diamonds because diamonds are relatively new in the market. But this article lets you in on what they are and how they are prepared.

THCA Diamonds’ Properties

THCA diamonds are the most potent marijuana product yet. They contain up to 99.9 percent THC and appear as crystals. Research indicates that in its purest state,

 begins to crystallize, forming a substance that glistens like a real-life diamond. Despite the beauty, don’t let this concentrate fool you into trying it. If you are a newbie, leave the THCA diamonds to the experienced concentrates-users. It is highly potent, and there’s no information about dosage yet. 

The good news is that if you ingest THCA diamond crystals, they will not affect you. They will not have gone through the decarboxylation process that turns THCA into psychoactive THC. You would need a source of heat, like a fire, to get high. Stoners who want to experience pure THC should consume the diamonds through dabbing. Get a dab rig to vaporize the concentrate without diluting it. You may also use a vape cartridge or a sauce cart when consuming THCA diamonds. Assuredly, you will be as high as a kite

THCA diamonds are not to be confused with some other crystalline substances people call diamonds. Some people refer to any crystalline cannabis product as diamonds. But, those aren’t it. There is a significant difference between this type of diamond and THCA diamonds. The difference is in extraction and processing. 

Making THCA Diamonds

There are two ways to go about making diamonds. The first uses a multiple-step evaporation process, while the second uses a closed-loop system. Both of these methods involve the use of a solvent to extract THCA from cannabis. THCA extraction is simple. If you have made cannabis concentrates before, you may find making THCA diamonds relatively easy.

Making THCA Diamonds

1. The Closed-loop Method

Start with grinding up your weed buds into small particles, not into a powder, and stir it into a solvent. Once all the particles are soaked, the trichome glands’ active compounds on the weed dissolve into the solvent. Give it some good time, 5 hours or overnight.  The resultant solution is a mixture of the solvent and the extracted compounds, and the unwanted cannabis plant matter. Use a strainer and double folded cheesecloth to take out the plant material from the solution. From this process, you get an uncured live resin. 

While other concentrate extraction methods seek to take out the extract from the solvent as soon as possible, there is no hurry when making THCA diamonds. You must take your time with this one, to give ample time for the solution to crystallize.  This closed-loop method only allows a portion of the solvent to evaporate with ease. They may leave it on the open or subject the solution to mild heating for a little while to speed up the process. But, once the larger proportion has evaporated and only 10 to 15 percent of the solution remains, the solvent removal process must slow down. At this point, the solvent solution is supersaturated, with lots of THCA cannabinoids. 

The concentrated resin is put in an open container and placed in a dark place to allow separation. The terpenes come to the top to create a liquefied layer, and crystals start to form at the bottom. The process of these elements coming apart takes place 2 to 4 weeks. The extractors keep a close eye on the container to monitor the progress. When elaborate crystals form, the solution is now ready for a final purge. 

Extractors with long-term experience start the final purge by separating the liquid terpenes layer from the crystal layers on the bottom and purifying them in separate containers. With the crystals separated, the extractors subject them to further purging by leaving them out for another 60 to 72 hours. All the solvent molecules evaporate, leaving behind some high-quality crystals. They are better and more defined than if they had been purged together with the terpenes. From here, the extractors may then choose to package the crystals and terpenes separately or recombine them, ready for sale.

2. The Crystalline Method

The crystalline method takes a shorter time than the closed-loop method. It starts in the same way, though, by mixing the solvent and the ground cannabis buds. The active compounds dissolve into the solvent, and after filtering out the marijuana solids, the extractor leaves the resultant solution to evaporate. Once the majority of the solvent has evaporated, the extractor then applies heat and pressure over the saturated solution slowly, which creates an environment that allows crystals to form. 

As the solvent molecules evaporate, the resultant THCA separates, precipitates, and crystalizes at the bottom. The THCA molecules chemically bond to other THCA molecules, forming crystalline structures. The crystalline method produces a cannabis concentrate that is so pure it crystallizes. The extract should have no terpenes or lipids in it. The crystalline method produces results fast because of heat and pressure to speed up the evaporation. 

The Crystalline Method

In Closing

THCA diamonds are not widely known in the weed community but are presumed to be the future of marijuana consumption. They allow extractors to generate near-accurate THC levels, guaranteed to produce superior results. 

The extraction process is simple and only requires time and patience. However, avoid making THCA diamonds at home because the solvent used, butane, is quite dangerous. It is highly flammable and, being heavier than oxygen, lingers for a while. Choose a safer and easier method, like buying your THCA diamonds from a legit marijuana online dispensary. Cheap Bud Canada stocks THCA diamonds and other quality weed products

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