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The Best Canadian Cannabis Strains

What type of strain you want will depend on what kind of high you’re looking for. Sometimes all you want is a nice, gentle buzz after an impossibly long work day. Other times, when you’re with friends you want the most potent high possible.

Indica strains can make you mellow out fast, giving you complete relaxation. On the other hand, sativa strains will perk you up, making you feel energetic and creative. Then there are Hybrid strains which will give you the best of both worlds, often improving your mood before putting you into a nice state of relaxation.

Another way of telling how good your weed will be is by the BC Bud grading scale, made famous for British Columbia’s famous growing regions such as Vancouver Island, The Fraser Valley, the Golden Mile the Okanagan and the Kootenays.

While there is no standard or universal system, marijuana is generally graded starting from a single A up to  AAAAA for the best quality. The higher the grade the more potency, dense buds, pureness, and structural integrity is within the cannabis. The potency of your high can also depend on how you consume it. Smoking out of a bong will get you high for longer than a joint, whereas edibles will hit you even harder.

While the type of weed that best suits you best depends largely on your personality but we’ve picked 5 of our favourites.



Blackberry Platinum can treat insomnia, stress, mood swings, migraines, and hyperactivity. BP is an Indica dominant hybrid which will have you feeling floaty and euphoric with its delicious berry flavours and aroma. Ideal for unwinding after work or puttering around the house, this strain is great for stress, pain relief and insomnia.

This strain is a mix of Afghani and Blackberry strains and has beautiful dark purple buds with orange hairs. Blackberry Platinum cannabis strain is a 70/30 Indica dominant hybrid with a THC average of 20%. This strain smells like fresh berries and dank spices with an earthy stench that floats around, while the flavour is more savour diesel and sweet berries. Buds are lumpy and dark green with bright white trichomes.



  • 1 gram: $14.00
  • 1/2 oz: $145.00
  • 1 oz: $250.00



Although Strawberry Banana seems like a tasty smoothie, you might make in the morning, it’s also the name of a boutique indica-leaning hybrid. Strawberry Banana is a cross between two fruity strains: Bubble Gum and Banana Kush. While maybe not to everybody’s liking, this strain is enjoying popularity because of its unique flavour profile.

A genetic cross between Banana Kush and the “Strawberry” phenotype of Bubble Gum, Strawberry Banana inherits a sweet fruity flavour that earned this hybrid her name. Known for its heavy resin production and high THC content, Strawberry Banana produces happy, peaceful effects that sharpen creativity and sensory awareness.

Like many strong indicas, Strawberry Banana has a high that builds slowly, often taking several minutes after smokers have savoured its unique taste before fully revealing its effects. Users will eventually feel a sharpened sensory perception and may feel like certain sights or sounds have taken on a psychedelic component. These trippy — but not entirely cerebral — effects can be well suited to the enjoyment of mellow music and films. Any initial mental impact from this strain is soon overtaken by powerful indica relaxation.



  • 1 gram: $14.00
  • 1/2 oz: $145.00
  • 1 oz: $250.00




death star og cannabis flower hybrid


While you may initially pick it up for its Star Wars reference, you’ll keep coming back to because of its strong, Earthy aroma. The taste is diesel with a slight citrus kick. The sweetness varies a bit, coming in waves. If you’re a big diesel fan, you’ll absolutely love Death Star.

Death Star is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis flower strain of marijuana known for its potency and having a creeping onset.  This crossbreeding results in Death Star having a mix of both indica and sativa effects, giving it a nice balance. This strain is renowned for having high THC Content with potent effects. The buds are thick, fat, and sticky.


  • 1 gram: $10.00
  • 1/2 oz: $80.00
  • 1 oz: $140.00






Lemon Haze is a very popular sativa-dominant hybrid that derives both its potency and its powerful aroma from two prestigious parents: it is a cross between sativa hybrid Silver Haze and pungent Lemon Skunk. With a memorable citrus flavour profile and a long-lasting, well-balanced high to boot, this bud is an asset to indica and sativa fans alike.

When properly cured, Lemon Haze carries a strong citrus aroma; the tang of lemon is the predominant scent. Hanging out underneath is a spicy herbal kick that fans of parent strain Haze will recognize. Surprisingly, this strain has little of the acrid funk that characterizes its other parent, Lemon Skunk. When combusted, Lemon Haze burns with a smooth and easily ingested smoke. This smoke tastes refreshingly herbal on the exhale, with some lingering lemon notes.

This combination of mental and physical effects can be a great way to appreciate activities that involve both body and mind, like running, lifting weights and, most notably, sex. As dosage is increased, smokers may lose their thoughtful, cerebral edge, becoming disconnected from their surroundings. Once consumed, Lemon Haze will leave you content to melt into the couch and let your mind wander. Because of its energetic onset, this strain is best enjoyed for waking-and-baking or as an afternoon treat; if consumed at night, it’s likely to leave users wired and hyper.



  • 1 gram: $12.00
  • 1/2 oz: $125.00
  • 1 oz: $250.00







This is one of our most popular strains because it packs a punch with even the smallest toke for users who want a powerful and sedating high. It has a large amount of THC that gives you an instant high that’s deep and long-lasting.

Chem’s Sister mixed with Chocolate Diesel gives you Gorilla Glue, and it takes on a strong yet pleasing scent while instantly hitting you with its effects.

Gorilla Glue shares a lot of Chocolate Diesel’s attributes, giving users both a smell and taste that’s reminiscent of coffee and mocha notes. However, don’t let the yummy tones fool you, as this strain also packs a sour punch with diesel flavour that stays in your mouth long after you’re through. It’s recognized for its earthy and pungent attributes that many compare to its sister strains.

After smoking, you’ll instantly feel happy and uplifted, easily forgetting all your stresses and allowing you to get ready for a relaxing night. The dark olive green buds tend to be pretty frosty, almost making it have a tranquillizing type of effect.

When you’re looking for an ultra-relaxing high that fights off stress, pain, and worry, Gorilla Glue is the ticket. Clear your evening plans and get ready for a night of calming euphoria and a deep, restful sleep.


1 gram: 12.00

1/2 oz: $125.00

1 oz: $250.00


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