The Best Cannabis and Food Pairings

The Best Cannabis and Food Pairings

Few things go together better than food and a good bag of cannabis. Many people enjoy their high even more when they have food to go with it. As more and more different strains of marijuana are available, many users are experimenting with food pairings. That way, they can see which ones give the best experience. You can enhance your meal with cannabis the same way wine connoisseurs do with steak and a glass of fine wine.

Both marijuana and food have terpenes, which are the natural aromas and flavours. If you put the right combination of food and cannabis together, you will get a great experience. The following pairings can both balance and complement each other, giving you a unique culinary experience.

Salmon and Super Lemon Haze Strain

Many people enjoy putting some lemon flavour on their salmon, so it makes sense that a lemony strain of cannabis would be a good choice. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice on your salmon and see how puffing on the zesty Super Lemon Haze strain is emphasized.

Keep in mind that the Super Lemon Haze strain has high levels of THC. These levels range from about 20 to 25 percent of THC. It is important for you to only use the amount that you need before your meal. This strain can make people laugh, so prepare to giggle at the dinner table.

Yogurt with the Blueberry Strain

You can have yogurt with most sweet strains. However, the Blueberry strain offers a berry flavour with notes of citrus. The aroma smells like blueberries, and the THC levels are as high as 19 percent. This hybrid is indica dominant.

You will get a deeply relaxing buzz to your body and feel euphoria, which will only be completed by the cold, creamy texture of your yogurt. Another reason to choose this combination is that the good bacteria in the yogurt will help you feel full but not bloated. For an extra kick, think about adding toppings to the yogurt, such as fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Yogurt with the Blueberry Strain

Tomato Soup with the Cookies and Cream Strain

It may sound like an odd pairing, but consider trying the Cookies and Cream marijuana strain with a bowl of tomato soup. This strain has a toasty, sweet flavour that works well with the tangy taste of tomato soup. This can help you feel happy, creative, satisfied, and relaxed.

Cookies and Cream is a balanced hybrid, and it helps you feel relaxed and uplifted. You can use it at any time of day, so you can get a bowl of tomato soup at any time. You might also want to try some cured meat with this strain because the sweetness and saltiness will balance out this strain.

Black Domina Strain with Chocolate Cake

When you have chocolate cake, there is no better pairing than cannabis that tastes like nuts and coffee. Black Domina is the right strain to have with a great dessert. This cannabis plant is a cross between Afghani SA, Northern Lights, Canadian Ortega, and Hash Plant. It is 95 percent indica.

You will get a strong punch of euphoria in the beginning and then a body buzz. You will want to finish your cake before this because you may fall asleep otherwise. If you feel bloated after, the indica in Black Domina will help soothe your stomach.

Purple Haze Strain with Culinary Disasters

Sometimes dinner is a bit of a disaster. For example, maybe something got burned to a crisp. When this happens, you can use Purple Haze to help forget about food that does not taste good. It will help make you hungry enough to get seconds or thirds.

How to Pair Cannabis with Food

These examples are just a few of the many types of pairings you can enjoy. If you want to come up with your own pairings, there are a few tips for mixing and matching cannabis with your dinner. First, you should understand terpenes. These give the food and cannabis their flavour and smell. When you know how to tell the differences between the different aromas and tastes, you can more easily pair the right strains with your dishes.

How to Pair Cannabis with Food

Go with Your Gut

You should also trust your senses. Many strains are named after their flavour profile. For example, Grape Ape, Liquid Butter, Lemon Pie, and Mango Kush are named after their dominant flavours. You should remember this when picking out strains. You will want to research the aroma and flavour profiles of each strain to help create your pairings.

Your preferences also play a big role in whether the pairing will taste good. You should think about what you like and mix some of your favourite combinations. There is no right or wrong pairing, so you should not worry about trying to get the perfect mix.

Balance Out the Flavours

It is a good idea to balance or complement your flavours. If you are into food, you know what aromas and flavours go together. You can experiment with different combinations to take advantage of your knowledge. 

You have several options for doing this. For example, you can complement the food’s taste by smoking a strain that has a similar taste. You can also pick a contrasting flavour to help balance out your food. Remember that no pairing will be perfect. Consider the scents you noticed and think about the ones you liked and did not like. You can always make an adjustment the next time that you pair food and marijuana

Closing Thoughts

Having cannabis with food can give you a unique experience. With the right pairings, you can make your meal one to remember. Food should be enjoyable, no matter what strain you have

However, the right pairing can make your cannabis and dining experience as enriching as possible. From lemony salmon to yogurt and blueberries, you have many options. The terpenes in your cannabis can complement your food perfectly. 

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