The Best Ways to Consume Marijuana

The Best Ways to Consume Marijuana

Whether you are new to cannabis or have been using it for a while, you likely have not explored all of your options for consuming it. That means you might not have discovered the best method for you. There is a growing variety of ways to consume this product. While smoking is still quite popular, many people enjoy using vaporizers, as well. You can also consume marijuana by using edibles or dabbing. The best way to take your herb will depend on your preferences. 


While you can find many methods of taking your daily weed, smoking still remains one of the most popular. If you are looking for a fast high, this is the way to go. This is because when you smoke, the THC goes through your lungs to enter your body and get to your bloodstream. Then, it can quickly reach your brain. 

One reason that so many people like a good smoke is that they can carefully monitor the amount of cannabis they consume. That is a good way for some people to avoid becoming too high.

If you are looking for a well-known method of smoking, then try a joint. This is good for beginners because it is not difficult to learn how to roll one. You can also purchase pre-rolled ones. For an extra high, some users even enjoy adding a bit of tobacco to them.

Another method of smoking is a blunt. This uses a rolled cigar paper instead of a rolling paper. A blunt also can hold more of your herb. That makes it more powerful, and it can give you a faster hit. Many people like this option because blunts have been around for a long time, and users like the familiarity of them. Because of how robust it is, many people find that this is easier for them to handle. 

You can look for bowls and pipes as well, which can be even faster ways to smoke. You do not need to spend the time rolling a blunt or joint. All you need to do is place your herb in the bowl or pipe and light it up. However, some users may not enjoy the flavour as much because there is no paper to smooth the flavour out.


Vaping Your Marijuana 

It can take some time to get used to inhaling from a vaporizer. The vapour will feel different to you than smoke does. Even though it is not as hot as smoke, it can still make you cough. The right temperature can help prevent this issue.

You will want to wait about 30 seconds after the vape has gotten to the right temperature before you begin puffing on it. However, for a portable device, it may take a minute. First, you should prime it by taking a few small puffs. Then, you can drag on the mouthpiece until it has filled your lungs with the vapour. Now, you can exhale.

If it seems like the draw was too tight, you can use it like a roach. Place your lips loosely on your mouthpiece. You should remember that a dry herb vaporizer does cut off at a certain point. This is similar to a joint. But you can turn it on again to do another round. Depending on the heat settings, you may have more life left in the herb, even after you are done with it. Don’t throw it away.

Using Already Vaped Bud

At the end of your vaping session, you should take a look at the bud. If there is still any colour left, then you can mix it a bit with your tool. Then, you can pack it down and turn on your device to take another round. When you are vaping, you can use the bud again as long as the colour is not too dark.

Dabbing Weed

If you want something extremely potent, you might look for dabs. The hash oil is solidified, and you will use a rig to smoke it. This is similar to using a bong bowl. However, you will use a blowtorch for dabbing. You can think of it as flash vaporization. Because it is concentrated, you can get a quick high.

The vapour that you will be inhaling does not have any foreign plant material or other contaminants. Some people like the smoke from dabbing better because it is purer than if you were using a flame. However, if you are a beginner, you may want to look for another method of using your cannabis. 



If you do not like the idea of vaping or smoking, you may want to try edibles. No matter what your favourite foods are, you can most likely find a recipe to make them with cannabis. Of course, you can also look into capsules, tinctures, and drinks.

You will want to remember that the cannabis in edibles can take longer to affect you than if you inhaled it. But the effects will often be stronger once they kick in. You can expect to notice the effects after half an hour or even a few hours later.

When you digest cannabis, it transforms chemically and can become stronger. It is often harder to track the amount of weed that you are really ingesting. That means that if you are not experienced, you may accidentally take too much. 

When it comes to snacks, many people enjoy having sweets to mask the flavour, including cookies and brownies. If you like the idea of a drink, you might add cannabis to your tea or even some beer. Not as many people drink cannabis, but it has the same effects as eating it.

Closing Thoughts

With so many methods out there, the best way to consume marijuana may be different for you than for your friend. The best way to determine your favourite methods is by trying them. For example, if you do not like the idea of waiting for edibles to affect you, then smoking or vaping may be a good option. It is not hard for you to tailor the right method to meet your needs. And, of course, you do not need to stick to only one method.

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