The Best Weed Strains to Enhance Creativity

The Best Weed Strains to Enhance Creativity

When someone hears the word “marijuana,” they often picture people who are relaxed, calm, and content – the traditional “stoner.” However, cannabis has also been known to be a companion to creative people.

If you are looking to try marijuana to help get the creative juices flowing as you work on your next project, it is important to keep in mind that not all strains will help you achieve this goal.

Finding the best strain of cannabis to enhance creativity can be a daunting task for many. After all, there are more than 1,000 weed strains on the market today. Below, we highlight what you need to look for when choosing a strain to enhance your creativity. You’ll also find a number of strains to try to help you get started.

How Marijuana Inspires Creativity

Although the science on how exactly marijuana impacts the brain is still relatively new, there is some research that discusses the impact weed can have on two specific areas of the brain. This triggers enhanced creativity.  

  1. The frontal lobe. The brain’s frontal lobe serves as the base for creative, outside-of-the-box thinking. Some suggest that marijuana stimulates the blood flow to this lobe, which allows neurons in the brain to fire in a more uninhibited way.
  2. Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain manages planning, inhibition, self-censorship, and cognitive control over emotions. Deactivating or slowing down this part of the brain can allow users more focus and enhance the creative process, allowing ideas to flow freely.

Marijuana, in essence, does not work by putting new ideas in your head. Instead, it lowers your inhibitions, which can impact your ability to try new ideas. Weed can help people try new ideas without internal judgment that can make you cautious of trying new things or inhibit your creative process in general.

How Marijuana Inspires Creativity

Marijuana Strains: Which Is Best for Creativity?

When choosing a weed strain to enhance creativity, the first thing you’ll need to look at is the type of marijuana you want to use.

There are three types of cannabis flowers:

  1. Indica
  2. Sativa
  3. Hybrid

Indica plants are known for offering users a full-body experience. They promote feelings of relaxation and calm and might even help users drift off into sleep. Because of this, it is recommended to use indica plants at night.

Sativa plants offer more of a head-high. Their general effects include increased energy, uplifting feelings, and even inspiring creativity. They are best used during the day because of their energizing effects.

Hybrids will be a combination of these two plants. But, they will be considered either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. Depending on the split, you can get a good idea of the effects you’ll get. For example, a sativa-dominant plant that is 70 percent sativa and 30 percent indica will likely give users effects more similar to sativa plants than indica.

When searching for cannabis to enhance your creativity, you’ll want to look for sativa plants or sativa-dominant plants.

However, keep in mind that not everyone reacts to the strains the same way. If one doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, another sativa strain may.

Strains to Enhance Creativity

While many more plants out there can help enhance your creativity, consider starting with the ones below.

  • Purple Haze. Named after the popular Jimi Hendrix song, Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant plant. Known for its fruity, grapey taste, it hits users hard. Purple Haze provides bursts of euphoria and psychedelic effects, enhancing your creative flow.
  • Jack Herer. Named after a cannabis activist, this sativa-dominant strain provides effects that are described as blissful, clear-headed, and creative. Jack Herer has a spicy scent and has even won nine Cannabis Cup prizes.
  • Chemdawg. This mysterious hybrid is very potent, so weed beginners may want to choose another to start with. For those who are ready to try Chemdawg, expect to feel a sharpening of the senses that is perfect for inspiring artwork and other creative works.
  • LSD. No, not that type of LSD. However, that is what it is named after. The LSD strain gives users a trippy, awe-inspiring high that will expand the user’s imagination, inspiring creativity. It also has a pleasant lemon taste many find appealing.
  • Berry White. This particular marijuana strain is said to inspire creativity through its relaxing, pain-relieving effects. For those who struggle with chronic aches and pains, focusing on creative tasks can be difficult. Berry White might help users relax enough to focus on the task at hand.

Strains to Enhance Creativity

A Note on Dosing 

Whether you are new to marijuana or an experienced user, it is important to use caution when trying a strain for the first time. Although weed reviews can give you an idea of what effects you can expect, you may react differently. And taking too much can lead to a bad high.

When starting with a new strain, look at the THC content it has. THC is the compound responsible for the high feeling associated with marijuana use. Plants with high THC content will be more potent, meaning a little will go a long way.

For your first try of a new strain, start with a small dose and allow time for the effects to kick in. If you feel more is needed to help with your creative process, take a little more. Follow this pattern until you feel your desired effects, and note how much you took to get there in the future.

In Summary

Marijuana can enhance creativity in a few different ways, including affecting parts of the brain while also allowing people to relax enough to focus on the task at hand.

With so many different weed strains available, deciding which strain to try to help get your creative juices flowing can be overwhelming. Consider starting with the strains listed above, or reach out to your online dispensary. They can often make suggestions based on your desired effects.

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