Top 13 Cannabis Strains for Your Wake and Bake

Top 13 Cannabis Strains for Your Wake and Bake

People have different routines when they wake up. Some like to kick start their day with a fresh cup of coffee. Others prefer to start with a liter of water for immediate hydration and then do a series of push-ups to invigorate the body. 

However, for cannabis enthusiasts, mornings are the perfect time for some ganja to kick-start the day. This great, age-old tradition is popularly known as wake and bake. As the name implies, wake and bake means you wake up, get stoned, and face the rest of the day with gusto.

You might be wondering, “Isn’t it too early to get high in the morning?” Well, don’t fret. You will still be industrious during the day. 

We’ve rounded up the top cannabis strains to jump-start your morning routine and make you feel focused and inspired for the day ahead. 

Sour G

If you have a series of tasks during the day that need you to have full focus and concentration, you should pick Sour G for your morning breakfast. This strain contains high cannabigerol (CBG) content, considered the “next big thing” in the cannabis world. 

CBG is a cannabinoid, but unlike THC, it is non-psychoactive. It delivers the same mind and body-calming properties of CBD but concurrently provides energizing effects rather than the traditional CBD-related couch-lock. This is why its popularity is growing exponentially in the market.

If you pair Sour G with your morning brew, you can expect to start your day with a lot more energy. Moreover, you can smoke it anytime during the day whenever you need a little boost to get you going. With every puff, chill energy will dash through your bloodstream to instantly uplift your mood. 

Chocolate Thai

This landrace sativa is amazingly valuable because it’s rare to find. But it’s certainly worth the search. The old-school strain boasts of up to 15 percent THC and guarantees you a spectacular cerebral experience.

As the name implies, Chocolate Thai offers a nice chocolate-like aroma. Like bread and butter, pairing this strain with a cup of coffee is a match made in heaven. Caffeine is a stimulant, and THC possesses both stimulant and depressant properties. This combination causes a neurochemical reaction that delivers a positive type of buzz. In fact, caffeine enhances your wake and bake experience. 

People love this weed strain because of its mild effects. Thus, it is well-suited for new and less experienced cannabis users who are looking for a smooth, low-key start to their schedule. You will experience a smooth transition into an energetic high that will make you productive for the rest of the day. Other amazing health benefits linked to Chocolate Thai include:

  • Fighting depression
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Easing muscle spasms

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a well-balanced hybrid of sativa and indica strains. It’s arguably the subtlest strain on this list. The indica genetics make you feel physically relaxed yet focused at the same time. It gives you the right energy to kick-start your day, without the racy anxiety often linked with sativa dominant strains. Its THC levels can go up to 20 percent.

The Pineapple Express flower became popular after the release of a 2008 movie with the same name, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. However, this herb is not as intense as the movie. It gives a blast of energy, one that makes you focused and creative, making it ideal for reading, writing, or performing other artistic works. But some users have reported too much cerebral energy that made them feel dizzy. The cerebral high can last several hours, making it the right option for your wake and bake session before you head out for work.

Just like the name suggests, Pineapple Express has a sultry flavour of pineapple coupled with a fruity aroma that spices up your wake and bake sessions. If you experience constant fatigue or have trouble waking up in the morning, it can ease your struggles. This strain can also ease anxiety, sadness, mild pain, and aches.

Sour Diesel

Regular stoners love this sativa-dominant strain, especially due to its stress-alleviating and mood-boosting properties. If you struggle with low energy when you wake up, Sour Diesel might be what you need to start your day feeling energized and in a good mood. Consider this potent strain as a double espresso. It is fast-acting, incredibly energizing, and comes with a strong diesel smell.

This earthy herb averages about 24 percent THC and 4 percent CBD. Yet it won’t leave you too high and dozing off all day. Instead, it gives you a mental uplift making it the ideal strain for creative tasks. Besides taking your creativity a notch higher, it may also alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms. 

Pineapple Haze

This sativa-dominant strain is a favourite among regular wakers and bakers because it delivers the energizing effects of sativa coupled with the relaxed and focused effects of CBD. This is what you need before you head out for work. 

Pineapple Haze is also full of terpenes that accelerate the entourage effect. You get to smoke CBD and THC together, which produce an all-around enjoyable sensation than when you smoke each of the cannabis compounds separately. Its sultry aromas and fruity flavour enhances the overall smoking experience.

Just like other sativa-dominant strains, this flower gives a head-rush that increases blood pressure around your eyes and temples. Pair Pineapple Haze with your morning tea or coffee and see how it energizes your mind, getting you focused on work and other productive activities during the day. 

Pineapple Haze

Jack’s Cleaner

You probably have long business meetings for the better part of the day, or you plan on doing a thorough house cleanup on your day off. If you’re feeling unmotivated for the day, light up a joint of Jack’s Cleaner to experience the magical energy boost. Consumers of this strain can expect to be clear-headed enough to tackle their daily chores. It also delivers more relaxing effects compared to regular sativa. 

Jack’s cleaner is a sativa hybrid with a few indica elements in it. It has an average of about 18 percent THC content, which is a moderate concentration. And for this reason, it is ideal for new users who dread the overpowering effects of THC. 

This flower bud emits a sharp chemical lemon scent. So you can pair it with your favourite cereal, banana pancakes, or anything creamy to even out the sharpness.

Island Sweet Skunk

The Island Sweet Skunk weed strain is sativa-dominant and averages about 18 percent THC. It lives up to its billing – it gets you high but not over the top. Consumers often describe its scent as herbal. The taste is citrusy and sweet. It’s energizing and makes a perfect accompaniment to your breakfast. 

This is what you need in the morning before you face the hustle. Kick start your day with a relaxed high that won’t render you unproductive for the day.

Medical consumers prefer this cannabis strain to possibly alleviate:

  • Morning inflammation
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal complaints
  • Lack of appetite
  • Muscle pains
  • Chronic lethargy

Green Crack

Do you crave some immediate inspiration? Smoke up some Green Crack in the morning. The name might sound intense but rest assured it’s no street drug. Instead, it’s a friendly strain that uplifts your mood and spurs hearty conversations with your friends and colleagues. If you work in the sales and marketing department and deal with customers daily, this strain will give you all the confidence you need.

It is renowned for its immediate and lasting effects because of its 25 percent THC content. Thus, it is ideal for those with busy schedules.

This strain is the perfect alternative to your cup of coffee every morning. From a medical perspective, Green Crack is preferred by patients suffering from:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Depression
  • Moderate pain and aches
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Green Crack

Maui Wowie

This is a classic sativa that caused a buzz as early as the 1960s. Its THC levels can go as high as 28 percent. Like the early days, it’s still one of the most potent strains in the market today

Maui Wowie delivers a smooth, motivating high and is ideal for people involved in creative works that need constant mental stimulation. If you also need some weed-induced relief, this flower affords you an invigorated and relaxed temperament. Consumers say it has an irresistible pineapple flavour.

Purple Diesel

Unlike the majority of purple strains, Purple Diesel is not a sedative indica. Instead, it is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Growers say that this herb has dense, purple buds that flower early, at around eight weeks.

If you like the outdoors and physical activities, you will like it. Yoga lovers can use this strain to improve their agility and get into the mental zone. 

Purple Diesel is a crossbreed between Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush weed strains. It makes you clear-headed and stimulates your mind along with a soothing body high. It has a moderate THC content of about 18 percent, making it ideal for both new and experienced cannabis consumers.


Chocolope is a sativa-dominant strain associated with high cerebral effects. Creatives benefit from the mental stimulation that this strain offers. And as the name implies, it has a fruity, chocolate taste that spices up your morning sessions. It works wonders when paired with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Besides its strong mental uplift, Chocolope is extremely arousing. If you love the “morning glory,” this sativa is bound to spice up your bedroom affairs. Its THC levels range between 17 and 21 percent. And therefore, it’s not a good pick for new cannabis users who might not handle the strong cerebral effects well. If you want to try it out, always start with a low dose and tweak it according to how your body responds.


Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a crowd-pleaser. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that suits just about every occasion. This classic flower combines two sativa and indica weed varieties. It merges the deep physical relaxation associated with its Blueberry indica strain with the mental energy and mood uplift linked to the Sativa Haze. The addition of indica in this strain’s profile is good news. Indica serves to ease the raciness usually experienced with pure Sativa strains.

Overall, it delivers an uplifting and ecstatic high that numbs pain and relaxes the mind. It does all this without getting too racy. It promises physical relaxation without making you sluggish. Because of its smooth body buzz, it is the perfect treatment for depression and anxiety.

Blue Dream is an ideal pick for smokers who are sensitive to 100 percent sativa but still want a cannabis bud that does the trick. Its THC content can get a bit high and often range between 17 and 24 percent. It is an appropriate strain for experienced consumers. 

Durban Poison

This is a strain that can prepare you to run for a marathon or any other strenuous physical activity. It boasts of intensely lively and energizing properties. Consumers fondly refer to this sativa-dominant strain as the “espresso of cannabis” because it causes a rush of energy through the veins.

Its nice and sweet aroma wafts the air, enhancing the whole smoking experience. The good thing about this strain is that it doesn’t leave you foggy or sedated. It makes you feel stress-free, happy, and focused on what lies ahead. Thus, a good pick for your morning breakfast. 

Bottom Line

If your mornings are often slow-paced and unenergetic, you could certainly do with a mental and body energy boost. Wake and bake weed strains could do the trick for you.

While some have pretty strong cerebral effects, others can get rid of the cobwebs in your brain and get you ready to have a productive day ahead. These weed strains can also improve your mood, aid in food digestion, and get your creative juices flowing. Who wouldn’t want that?

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