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Top 3 Cannabis Myths

Weed has been used throughout history for medical and recreational purposes. Unfortunately, due to some heavy marketing from governments and media coverage, there are many myths surrounding pot that have lingered for many decades which are in fact not true. We intend to eliminate confusion and put things straight once and for all

You’ve probably heard all the rumours – cannabis kills brain cells, smoking cannabis is just as bad as smoking cigarettes, cannabis makes you lazy and so on. It can often be difficult to find real facts, especially when you’re dealing with something that’s so heavily stigmatized and something that hasn’t been meticulously researched as other drugs but here are some truth bombs.


Myth #1: Cannabis Leads to Harder Drugs

There is no scientific evidence that marijuana is a “gateway” drug to harder drugs. The marijuana consuming cultures, especially in the Middle East, show no propensity for hard drugs like cocaine or heroin. The gateway theory took hold in the sixties, when marijuana became the leading new recreational drug among youth. It was refuted in the eighties, when cocaine abuse exploded in America at the same time marijuana use declined but the myth

While users of high strength drugs such as cocaine, heroin or even LSD are also statistically more likely to have tried cannabis in the past, there is no linkage between them. When comparing the number of marijuana users with hard-drug users, the numbers are extremely small – suggesting that there is no link at all.


Bonus: Myth #2: Cannabis is Highly Addictive

While it’s possible to become dependent on marijuana, it only happens in a minority of users. Research suggests that about nine percent of marijuana users became clinically dependent at some point, compared to 15 percent of cocaine users and 24 percent of heroin users and that is usually from medical usage, not recreational.

Less than one percent of North Americans smoke cannabis more than once per day and from those consumers only a tiny minority develop what appears to be a dependence and rely on the assistance of drug rehabilitation services to stop smoking but there is nothing in marijuana which causes physical dependence. The most likely explanation for those who need assistance is that they are having difficulty breaking the habit, just like coffee and is not considered an addition.


Myth #3: Today’s Cannabis is Much Stronger

The cannabis samples that were used to test for potency back in the sixties was only a tiny sample of the entire cannabis market. With cannabis now legal in Canada and in some of the States in the U.S. we have a much more accurate picture of the entire cannabis market which tells us the vast majority of cannabis taken today is the same potency as it has been for decades. It’s understandable that old hippies would say cannabis is stronger now, because marijuana is more widely available today. While some growers try to push the envelope without fear of police shutdown, however, others are happy to grow what have been best sellers for a long time.



As with almost any hoax or misinformation, if you research it enough online, you can find claims for almost anything.  In Hollywood, cannabis has long been the butt of so-called stoner comedies but it’s for laughs, not to educate. If you’re skeptical about whether something is true or not, don’t just look online. Talk to an expert who understands cannabis and can direct you properly. Please contact if you’d like more information about cannabis or would like to purchase HERE.

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