What Is an Eighth Quarter Half or Ounce of Weed

What Is an Eighth, Quarter, Half, or Ounce of Weed?

Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or if you’ve landed here because you’re thinking about trying it for the first time, you’ve probably realized there is quite a bit to learn about the world of weed. 

Even if you’ve never tried it before, you may be familiar with the terms “eighth,” “quarter,” “half,” and “ounce.” These measurements are relatively standard for buying cannabis flower, and they’re typically the words you’ll hear in pop culture when discussing this topic. 

If you’re terrible at math like some of us, then you are in luck. This helpful guide will clear up any confusion you may have about measurements, weight, and how to buy the right amount of cannabis each time. 

What Amount Is Legal 

Depending on where you live, the laws and regulations may vary slightly when it comes to how much of which products you can purchase at one time. 

As a general rule of thumb, adults 18 and older are legally allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in Canada. For every other product, you can buy the amount that equals up to 30 grams of dried product.

That means you can legally purchase 150 grams of fresh cannabis, 450 grams of edibles, 2,100 grams of liquid or liquid edibles, 7.5 grams of solid or liquid concentrates, and one cannabis plant seed. 

As with any cannabis product, they must be purchased from a regulated and licensed retailer or from online producers that are federally licensed. Possession over these amounts can result in legal ramifications, including being issued a ticket up to spending five years in jail. 

Standard Measurements and Weights

Standard Measurements and Weights

Cannabis products are sold in weights ranging from a gram to full pounds. Because it’s illegal for individuals to possess more than 30 grams at a time, the larger amounts are reserved for dispensaries that buy in bulk for retail purposes. 

One gram is the smallest amount you’ll find, and it’s a great amount if you’re just starting out or if you’re a casual consumer. One gram is often referred to as a “dime bag,” and it will give you enough product to roll about three small joints or to smoke out of a handpiece or one-hitter a half-dozen times. This amount of cannabis flower is roughly the size of a grape. Many pre-rolled joints are measured out to about one gram each, and they can be purchased individually or in a pack. Again, this is a small amount and is usually pretty inexpensive, but it won’t last very long if you’re a regular user. 

The most common amount people purchase at one time is an eighth, which refers to an eighth of an ounce. It’s equivalent to a little more than 3.5 grams, and physically, this much cannabis is about the size of a kiwi fruit. This amount of cannabis will get you about seven average-sized joints, and if you’re a daily consumer, you could expect this much to last about one to two weeks tops. 

A quarter is the next size up from an eighth and refers to a quarter of an ounce of cannabis. It’s the equivalent of a little more than seven grams, or about the physical size of a medium apple. Some strains can be purchased for about $50 a quarter, but this amount can range in price closer to $150 depending on what you buy. 

The next size up is a half, or half-ounce in weight. It is the equivalent of a little more than 14 grams and is about the size of a grapefruit. This amount can get you as many as 30 joints and could last an average user about two to three weeks. You can expect to pay about $100 on average for this amount of cannabis flower, which will save you in the long run compared to buying individual grams. 

The next unit of measurement is the full ounce and is equivalent to about the size of a small melon. Using this as a baseline for the amounts listed above, one full ounce is equivalent to 28 grams. You can expect to pay, on average, $200 for a full ounce of cannabis, but if you’re looking to buy concentrate instead, you can expect to pay three times that amount. 

How Much Will I Pay

How Much Will I Pay? 

There are dozens of factors that need to be considered when figuring out how much you’ll pay for certain amounts of cannabis. Prices may vary based on availability, strain, concentration level, and product, so this is a general guide to help you prepare. 

Using OG Kush cannabis flower, which is one example of a pretty popular cannabis flower strain on the market today, let’s break down how much you can expect to pay. OG Kush in flower form is sold in amounts ranging from one gram to 28 grams. One gram of this indica strain flower will run you about $10–$12, and 28 grams will cost about $155. Again, prices can range much higher than that depending on the product and the specific strain, but you can expect to pay somewhere in that range most of the time. 

When you’re shopping for concentrates and edibles, keep in mind, packages typically list THC concentration in percentage form, and weights are listed in milligrams, not grams. For example, a milk chocolate candy bar that has 1,200 milligrams listed on the label means the product equals about one gram of cannabis. Concentrates are sold in amounts similar to cannabis flower, but for 28 grams of hash, for example, you can expect to pay more than $600. That’s because concentrates tend to be much more potent than cannabis flower and can last longer, as well. 

Closing Thoughts

Knowing the prices is helpful, but you’ll have to take into account how much of each marijuana product you’ll need to accomplish whatever goal you may have. Your best bet is to determine what you’re looking for, what you’re hoping to achieve, and how much you’re willing to spend. Those factors will help you narrow down your product search big time and most likely leave you with a handful of choices that you can sift through to make the best choice. 

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